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Reliability is More Than a Pipe Dream

Reliability is More Than a Pipe Dream

Boden Specialty Services, located in Medina, Ohio has been fabricating industrial machines for over twenty years, including high-speed off-line rewind systems for PE and PEX pipes. Boden specializes in manufacturing semi-automatic and fully automatic systems that pay-off, coil, and cut plastic pipe up to 24″ diameter.


To meet their customers’ needs, Boden needed a reliable machine that could hold up to frequent and heavy use. Dependability and very low downtime were integral requirements as any interruption would mean loss of productivity and revenue.


Partnering with MasterMover, they were able to provide a solution to safely handle large reels up to 10 tons on a daily basis. Boden integrates MasterMover tuggers into their product line-up. The tuggers are an integral part of moving full drums of plastic pipe from the take-up stands positioned at end of the extrusion line to pay-off stands positioned on high-speed rewind lines.  The empty drums are then transferred back to the extrusion lines. Depending on the drum weight, Boden selects tugs from the MasterTug model range with capacities ranging from 4,000 to 4,4000lbs. The tuggers are used by Boden customers across a wide range of wire, cable, and plastic pipe drum carrier applications.

We have to have complete confidence in any third-party product integrated into our machines.  Safety, ease of use, and reliability are paramount.  MasterMover tuggers have proven to fit the bill time and time again. said Bill Boden, President of Boden Specialty Services LLC.

The ease of maintaining MasterMover electric tuggers by an in-house tech allows Boden to provide service and support as needed easily. This directly translates to a lower cost of ownership and increased productivity.

A testament to the durability and longevity of a MasterMover electric tugger is the MT20-800+ that has been in use by Boden since 2009. As MasterMover continually improves its product line-up, legacy machines like the MT20-800+ are still running strong.

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