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MasterTow Electric Tow Overview

MasterTow Electric Tow Overview

The MasterTow range is designed to facilitate easy, controlled movement of heavy loads. Our industrial electric tow tuggers are capable of handling weights of up to 44,000 lbs. and are the perfect fit for towing a range of loads.

MasterTow electric tuggers are used in a wide variety of applications and industries. For example, MasterTow machines are used to move heavy aero engines during production and maintenance, while also being used for dumpster moving to reduce manual handling.

MasterTow increase operational efficiency and improve workplace safety

With no license required to operate an electric tow tugger, a single operator is able to easily move heavy-wheeled loads, improving operational efficiency and creating a safer work environment through secure and controlled movement.

With a compact machine footprint and optimized weight distribution, MasterTow pedestrian electric tow tuggers enable easy towing of loads on slopes, and uneven floors, both inside and outside.

When maximum visibility is required to move large or awkward loads, a remote control option is available to ensure safe movement by allowing the operator to take up the ideal vantage point away from the load.

For high-efficiency environments or where repeatability of movement is desired, our MasterTow electric tow tugger solutions are also available with Line Follow navigation capabilities, and even as fully autonomous AGVs, featuring best-in-class navigation and safety systems.

MasterTow Range Summary

The MasterTow range is made up of 9 models, designed to handle loads right up to 44,000 lbs.

Compact electric tow tuggers to move up to 13,200 lbs.

The TOW200, TOW300 and TOW600* are designed to move loads up to 13,200lbs. Featuring a differential, their design delivers exceptional on-the-spot maneuverability, providing highly effective pushing and pulling. An optional fifth wheel and box coupling set-up enhances pushing performance when required by the application of the machine.

*(available as ES (Electric Steer))

Performance electric tows to move up to 44,000 lbs.

Designed with electric steer (ES), the TOW600 up to the TOW2000 ES provide effortless instant steering by rotating the tiller arm. With a future-focused design, the units can be upgraded with additional wireless or autonomous options.

Electric Tow Features & Benefits


Operator safety is paramount and all of our MasterTow electric tow tractors boast comprehensive standard safety features including an anti-crush function, a quick access emergency stop button, intuitive speed control and a warning horn.

Additional options are available such as a flashing safety light beacon, a two-speed selector switch featuring fast and slow speed settings and a coupling crawl switch, designed to make connecting to your load safer and easier.


The MasterTow electric tow tuggers gain traction and the ability to move heavy loads using their own weight. The design of the units and distribution of weight is optimized to guarantee consistent performance and control.


Constructed with an FEA-certified steel chassis, the range guarantees maximum durability, reliability and performance, ensuring longevity and dependability – even in the toughest environments.

Puncture-proof drive wheels protect against damage and deliver maximum traction, while an IP44 rating facilitates operation in a variety of wet or dusty conditions. Machines meeting even higher Ingress Protection levels can be supplied if required.


With interchangeable, maintenance-free AGM batteries, the range of electric tow tuggers can deliver continuous operation for environments requiring 24/7 usage. An optional Battery Protection System is available, preventing battery damage through misuse and extending the battery life.

Increased capacity and lithium batteries, as well as different charging options, are also available.


Boasting a line-up of industry-standard couplings including tow pins, ball hitches and towing arms, the MasterTow range facilitates quick and universal connection, meaning operators benefit from total flexibility of use.

For more specialist needs, an array of alternative couplings are available and can be discussed with one of our experts to ensure you get the right coupling for your movement. Our Customer Engineering team has a proven track record of designing custom solutions if needed.


Organizations are under increasing pressure to improve efficiency, reduce costs and streamline operations. Responding to the need for future-focused technology, our ES models have several technology options available, ranging from remote control operation to autonomous (AGV) systems.

Combining these options with our high-performance electric tows unlocks additional benefits such as repeatability, flexibility, and precision.

We understand that you need flexibility. That’s why all of our machines feature a dual-use design, meaning machines can be interchanged between remote control operation or AGV and pedestrian operated as required.

Optional Wireless Remote Control

Remote Control

Excellent visibility for easy positioning, with excellent control at the finger tips of the operator.

Operation: Movement of loads using remote control

Benefit: Operators can take up the ideal vantage point for maximum visibility

Optional Remote Control – Wireless AutoSteer

Remote Control – Wireless AutoSteer

Delivering repeatable movement under the control of the operator.

Operation: Movement using line follow navigation with movement speed controlled by the operator via remote control

Benefit: Maximum precision for predetermined routes, with total control of movement execution

Optional AGV Line Follow

AGV – Line Follow

Quick-start AGV system to deliver maximum efficiency, removing the need for an operator yet delivering repeatable movement time after time

Operation: Full-autonomous operation with line follow navigation with optional barcode scanning for speed adjustment, with best-in-class safety systems managing risk

Benefit: Maximum efficiency through minimal operator involvement on repeatable movements, with no compromise on safety

Want to go fully autonomous?

For truly advanced load moving, MasterMover full AGV solutions feature best-in-class Natural Navigation and safety technology systems that maximize operational efficiency.

Our AGV300 TOW product for example, delivers 10 hours of continuous operation moving loads of up to 6,600 lbs. Taking input from existing systems and infrastructure, our AGVs deliver outstanding performance without the need for an operator.

Learn more about our fully autonomous AGV solutions.

Interested in learning more about electric tow tuggers?

Whether you’re looking for a plug-and-play electric tow tugger to reduce manual handling or, a scalable autonomous AGV system to drive efficiency, the MasterTow range guarantees powerful performance time and time again.

MasterTow electric tow tuggers offer a reliable, durable, and effective solution for moving heavy loads, that help drive operational efficiency, while maintaining the highest safety standards.

Interested to hear more? Contact us to explore your ideal load-moving solution today.

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Published on : 05-01-2023