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Electric tugger performance for the German automotive sector

Electric tugger performance for the German automotive sector

One of the biggest car manufacturers in Germany has purchased an MT300+ electric tugger to improve efficiency in the production process at its plant.

Operating in a vehicle production plant, the MT300+ is playing a key role where chassis manufacturing, spraying and final assembly take place.

The automotive manufacturer needed a flexible way to move goods in a new production hall, where the press tools and parts for the group are moved from one machine to another.

Chassis parts are produced in low volume, but they needed an efficient way to move these through production.

The MT300+ electric tugger, supplied by MasterMover GmbH, is moving the goods efficiently and reliably through the production process.

The automotive company purchased the electric tugger with the standard female combi coupling system, which provides an easy way to connect the trolley with the tugger and control where it is used on the site. Expanding the system of the tugger later to other trolley systems would be an easy task when required.

Before making the purchase, MasterMover provided a technical evaluation and calculated the required battery power with the manufacturer to give the desired outputs for their exact requirements.

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