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MasterMover taking the push at Cork Airport

MasterMover taking the push at Cork Airport

The MasterMover All Terrain Pusher (ATP400) electric tugger is helping to keep the wheels of travel rolling for guests arriving and departing at Cork Airport, Ireland.

It has been a rewarding year for the international airport, with passenger growth in excess of three per cent in the first six months of 2018, and behind the scenes the management team is pulling out the stops to ensure passengers enjoy a smooth and rewarding experience.

Having easy access to baggage trolleys is a key factor in this approach and the MasterMover ATP400 is putting in a powerhouse performance to ensure they are all in position and lined up for use in the terminal and car parks to meet demand.

The Airport Services’ team specified a MasterMover ATP400 electric tugger with a wireless control handset to enable one person on foot to move all the trolleys at once safely and efficiently – moving them over large distances across the facility in an orderly fashion.

Offering the perfect blend of power, productivity and performance, the ATP400 electric tugger is designed to push wheeled loads on varying floor surfaces, from smooth terminal surfaces through to car park environments, providing one operator with the ability to control a considerable load at their fingertips.

A steel chassis gives the tugger strength, an AC drive motor and high-torque gearbox provides effortless power and traction is delivered through a leverage system and chunky pneumatic wheels.

A rechargeable battery also powers the machine smoothly and silently – fitting in with the acoustic demands of an airport – and safety is assured with a range of safety features including a self-levelling castor.

Ultimately this combination of features ensures that airports and MasterMover machinery work well together – providing safe and efficient ways to support their baggage trolley handling.

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