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Electric tug flow line solution delivers safety and efficiency

Electric tug flow line solution delivers safety and efficiency

Two MasterMover electric tuggers are helping to keep garbage truck assembly movements flowing efficiently, to keep up with changing shapes and sizes on the production line.

Trucks produced in France move from six tonnes up to 10 tons during the manufacturing operation.

To find a way to handle their expansion through the process, the MasterMover SARL team were called in to suggest a method to move the production models safely and smoothly.

They recommended the introduction of MasterMover’s MasterTug electric tuggers, with one MT800+ and a MT1200+ selected.

Both machines move the loads as they pass down the different stages along the production line, including the engine assembly, through to the paint room.

Raphael Spalvieri, of MasterMover SARL, said: “As the load weight increases all along the line, the MasterMover electric tuggers ensure the movements are streamlined and safety carried out throughout the process.”

Both the MT800+ and MT1200+ are designed to allow a single pedestrian operator to easily push, pull and steer wheeled loads weighing up to a maximum of 18,000 lbs and 26,000 lbs respectively. Strong, stable and durable, they both feature a planetary gear box for further durability. They are also engineered to provide exceptional traction.

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