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Coffee Maker Chooses Universal Coupling For Maximum Flexibility

Coffee Maker Chooses Universal Coupling For Maximum Flexibility

A food and beverage manufacturer in Thailand has benefited from the introduction of two custom electric tuggers with a sprung channel coupling capable of handling a wide variety of loads.

The coffee and creamer maker wanted a flexible and versatile solution to safely transport carts with varying dimensions.

The answer was two MT200 machines with a universal coupling that can connect directly and securely to any cart in the facility.

Where the loads were previously moved by hand – increasing the risk of slips, trips and injury – now just a single user is needed to operate a MasterTug, which does all the hard work instead. The operator can see right around the load, while also having complete control through pushes, pulls and turns through 180º.

Because no modifications have been needed to the individual carts, it’s a cost-effective and simple way to boost efficiency while making the life of busy employees a lot easier.

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