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All Eyes On The SmartMover At Manchester Piccadilly Station

All Eyes On The SmartMover At Manchester Piccadilly Station

From shopping centres to airports and stations, large-scale advertising displays are part of the scenery. Eye-catching digital screens, giant banners and billboards are all designed to capture the attention of passing shoppers and travellers – but moving often heavy and awkward signage can be a challenge.

Friel Enterprises, a Bristol based advertising services provider, knows this only too well. Specialists in out of home advertising services, the digital displays and billboards they install can be found in city centres and transport hubs up and down the country.

To assist in moving loads, the Friel team have designed the LST (Lift, Shift & Turn) rig and an associated transportation trolley. This heavy-duty rig and trolley have been built to safely lift, transfer, transport and install large digital advertising screens without the need for manual handling.

But the team hasn’t stopped there. To make the process even easier, the LST and trolley have been paired with two SmartMovers. When a MasterMover electric tug takes the strain and weight of the rig and trolley, there’s no need for operatives to push, pull and manhandle the screens into position.

It’s a solution that has been successfully deployed at Manchester Piccadilly Station for a project carried out on behalf of leading out of home media owner J C Decaux. The project comprising of eight digital advertising screens each standing at 2.7 metres high needed be safely transported across the station concourse and installed at various key locations.

Jim Friel, Managing Director of Friel Enterprises, said: “We split the unit down and then assembled a huge screen made up of eight panels, moving two panels at a time across the station and into position. The combined weight of the LST and panels probably came to around 1,700 lbs.

“This would be difficult to move manually and that’s why we were looking for a solution that could work alongside the trolley. The SmartMovers work really well for what we need, particularly when moving up and down inclines.”

The SmartMover range is ideal for moving wheeled loads of up to 2,400 lbs in confined or congested spaces where there is a lot of pedestrian traffic. With a choice of couplings, it’s a flexible machine that can attach to and move a variety of different loads.

Offering complete control and peace-of-mind operator safety, each compact machine combines power and traction for superior performance.

If you would like to find out how MasterMover electric tug solutions can support your business, call 980-263-2210, email [email protected] or get in touch.

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