Engine, Pump and Generator

Create more efficient production processes, reduce wasted time and improve control

When production lines are under pressure to reduce waste and introduce leaner, more cost-effective processes, MasterMover’s electric tugs and electric tow tugs are an ideal solution. Manufacturers of engines, pumps and generators trust our machines to help create smoother, leaner operations for less waste, lower costs and improved operator safety.

From moving kitting trolleys through the different stages of production to allowing a single operator to transport heavy and high-value components, efficiency and safety is built into every one of our machines.

With no more waiting for a trained forklift operator or spending money on expensive overhead cranes, MasterMover’s innovative range helps to improve control and manoeuvrability when moving loads of between 50 kg to 360,000 kg.

We’re helping manufactures of engines, pumps and generators to move:

  • Engines
  • Generators
  • Pumps
  • Kitting trolleys

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  • Benefits For Manufacturers

    • Increased efficiency through semi automating assembly lines
    • Reduce downtime by enabling any trained operator to move a load – no more waiting for forklift or overhead crane availability
    • Small footprint machines enable better use of production and warehouse space
    • Safe movement of loads through congested production environments
    • Reduce capital expenditure by using fewer forklifts
    • Control and manoeuvrability enables you to move heavy and awkward loads more safely using less man power

    Engine, Pump and Generator

    We’re helping manufacturers of engines, pumps and generators to benefit from leaner, less expensive production lines