Automotive and Commercial vehicles

Create leaner assembly lines, improve control, save money

Keeping production running as smoothly as possible is why leading automotive and commercial vehicle manufacturers trust MasterMover. Our powerful electric tugs and electric tow tugs create faster and leaner assembly lines for improved efficiency and safer operations.

From the SmartMover range – capable of moving loads of up to 1,200 kg – to heavy-duty tugs which can handle large weights of up to 360,000 kg with ease, our material handling solutions mean less reliance on forklift trucks, providing greater operator control and lower risk to staff.

Whether it’s just in time delivery of materials or moving high-value components to the lineside, MasterMover’s range of innovative machines are helping manufacturers to save money by reducing wasted time and manual handling processes.

We’re helping automotive and commercial vehicle manufacturers to move:

  • Chassis
  • Vehicle bodies
  • Engines
  • Tooling

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  • How MasterMover machines benefit clients in automotive and commercial vehicle manufacturing:

    • Achieve just-in-time delivery of materials
    • Precise positioning of high-value components
    • Safely and securely move loads up to 360,000 kg
    • Lower costs thanks to leaner assembly lines
    • Precise positioning of loads in metrology environments
    • Enable staged production processes and TAKT time

    Automotive and Commercial vehicles

    We’re improving material handling for leading automotive and commercial vehicle manufacturers