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Electric tugs are creating HUGE production flexibility AND saving money in Heavy Plant sub-assembly

Catching up with demand after the pandemic is a challenge for most Heavy Plant manufacturers. That’s why companies that want agile, lean and flexible load-moving solutions are turning to MasterMover electric tugs. Moving heavy trolleys and bogeys is no problem thanks to our pedestrian-operated tugs and pushers. Without the need to rely on forklift trucks, floor-winches or shunters, the flexibility of a zero-emissions tug can create faster and more flexible production lines.

MasterMover electric tugs not only bring a more flexible solution to moving heavy loads, but also, our machines offer phenomenal cost savings compared with FLTs, cranes and winches. With minimum training and effort, single operators can achieve precise and safe movement of heavy and large-scale loads even in tight spaces. Production is seamless and output never needs to stop – keeping downtime to a minimum.

UK Heavy Plant Machinery Brochure

How do electric tugs benefit the Heavy Plant industry?

  • Increased flexibility during sub-assembly
  • Reduced need for FLTs
  • Keeps the production line flowing
  • Saves money compared to traditional load-moving methods
  • Better control of loads especially in tight spaces

See electric tugs in action

Uses of electric tugs in Heavy Plant sub-assembly and production

Move more on trolleys

Ensure the right parts are available on the manufacturing line by moving them with ease. A single operator can move loads up to 30,000kg with ease.

Building to building

Electric tugs have no restrictions on inter-building travel, and are very capable outdoors. The flexibility to take loads from building to building will transform your operational flexibility and productivity.

Indoor flexibility

Our zero-emissions machines allow for unlimited indoor use without compromising the safety environment within a facility, compared to diesel FLTs. Once in a building an electric tug turning circle is far smaller than FLT.

Our range of Heavy Plant electric tugs & tows


Move loads up to 20,000 kg


Our MasterTow range  of electric tow tugs provide powerful load moving solutions for loads of up to 20,000 kgs. A single operator can safely and securely connect to any load in seconds with a draw bar, towing eye, or ball hitch.

Capable of handling the toughest of environments, our machines can be used inside or outside, including on slopes and less than perfect surfaces.


Move loads up to 20,000 kg


Our MasterTug range is designed for moving heavy or large wheeled loads from 2,000 kg up to 20,000 kg. An automatic braking system, variable speed controls and compact size means this machine is ideal for moving loads in areas with restricted space, perfect for any heavy plant sub-assembly.


Move loads up to 30,000 kg+


The most powerful pedestrian electric tug offered by MasterMover, the PowerSteered range allows a single user to push, pull and effortlessly manoeuvre loads of up to 30,000 kg and beyond using wireless technology. Other great benefits our PowerSteered range offer is auto coupling and self-adjusting hydraulic and weight transfer.


Move loads up to 30,000 kg+

MasterMover AGV300TOW

Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) have the ability to be transformational when it comes to driving operational efficiency. Featuring best-in-class navigation and safety technologies, AGVs remove the need for human operation, effortlessly manoeuvring loads of up to 30,000kg on time, every time.

Helping our customers with sub-assembly and production


Companies investing in MasterMover solutions have seen dramatic improvements to their production line flow, which has given them greater output of product.

Lesley Lane – Heavy Plant Machinery Specialist

Download our heavy plant machinery brochure

Discover how electric tugs can increase your operational flexibility and reduce costs.

What’s inside the brochure…

  • Example applications of electric tugs
  • The benefits of electric tugs
  • How heavy loads can be moved with ease
Heavy Plant Machinery Brochure

Your questions, answered

We need to move up to 30T of steel/parts. Can your tugs really handle that?

If you’ve never seen an electric tug in use before, we’re happy to demonstrate how they can move up to 30T along the production line safely. Our machines offer a range of benefits and advantages over other load-moving methods, with cost-savings and flexible movement being some key ones.

A MasterMover electric tug will fit into your production process, unlocking greater efficiencies and smoother, uninterrupted workflows.

Can your electric tugs move heavy loads structures outside too?

Yes, our electric tugs can operate both indoors and outdoors. Each working environment poses its own challenges (for example there may be inside and outdoor areas, as well as tricky surfaces and slopes). That’s why our technical sales team is happy to conduct an on-site survey and make a tailored recommendation based on your needs.

Are your electric tugs able to lift heavy loads?

Our electric tugs don’t lift the load but instead use the weight transfer principle. By taking some of the weight and transferring it to the tug’s traction wheel, the tug has a huge load capacity, incredible flexibility and gives the user fantastic visibility right around the load when moving.

Will investing in electric tugs really save us money?

Yes. In most cases electric tugs are a cost-effective investment compared to FLTs and fixed equipment like floor-winches.

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