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Manufacturer Halves Overhead Crane Use

Manufacturer Halves Overhead Crane Use

For a global market leader in motors and pumps, moving components which vary in shape, size and weight using a combination of overhead cranes and forklift trucks was slowing the whole manufacturing process down, resulting in reduced efficiency and increased costs. Now, after the introduction of MasterMover electric tugs, the manufacturer has been able to implement a smoother flowline and make improvements to productivity.

Hayward Tyler makes specialist motors and pumps which can vary in size up to 6 metres in length, 1.5 metres in width and weigh up to 40 tonnes – a logistical challenge and one that was proving a barrier to flow efficiency.

Previously, an overhead crane was used to lift the motors and pumps on to trestle frames where engineers would work on the components before being transferred to the next work station. Transfers were frequent and would not always flow in the same direction.

Where it was not possible to transfer the components using an overhead crane, forklifts were used as an alternative but again, this was a time-consuming and frustratingly slow process.

Managers decided to change the flow of work by introducing a series of ‘intelligent’ and manoeuvrable workstations called Crusers, with the base product starting at one end of the workshop floor and moving through successive stages until it reached completion.

To complement the introduction of this more efficient flowline, the company wanted to explore other ways to improve the process.

Oliver Buhlinger, Continuous Improvement Engineer at Hayward Tyler said: “The need for manoeuvrability led us to explore options for locomotives or electric tugs that could attach to the Crusers. The challenge was to find a reliable propulsion system that could handle the weights, allowing precision manoeuvres.” This led to the discovery of MasterMover.

MasterMover MT1500+ presented impressive specifications with the capability of moving wheeled loads weighing up to 15 tonnes. To compare options, the MT1500+ was tested against a competitor’s tug. Both machines were used to transport a 9.7 tonne load.

Oliver explained: “The key benefit of the MasterMover tug was the manoeuvrability. The emergency stop button could bring the machine and load to an immediate halt safely and the operation was very smooth. Hayward Tyler’s operators were given a customer questionnaire and the results meant we just ‘had to go’ with the MasterMover tug.”

The partnership of MasterMover electric tug and Cruser saw a 50% drop in the use of overhead cranes. What’s more, the need for a fork lift to bridge the gap between two cranes has been eliminated completely.

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