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Turnkey System for Mongolian Engine Plant

Custom tug and trolley moving engine

A leading engine service provider in Mongolia is changing the way heavy engines are moved around its assembly and maintenance plant – and it’s all thanks to MasterMover's electric tugs.

We work with engine manufacturing and servicing centres globally. So, when a leading service site in Mongolia reached out to us looking for a solution they had seen at their Australian site, we recognised that they needed a reliable, flexible material handling solution. 

The Application & Challenges

The engineering team contacted us looking for a more flexible and accurate solution to move heavy 13,000kg engines around their service centre.

Two overhead cranes were being used to place engines onto trolleys to then be transported from the test cell to the paint room along rails. One of the cranes used to transport the engines from the test cell area wasn’t aligning correctly – creating a 50cm gap, which meant maintenance engineers had to step in and push the trolley into position. Whilst this may only seem like a small distance, the reality is moving a 13,000kg load was an exerting and risky task. 

Assessing Material Handling Options

The team considered numerous options including installing a turntable, making expensive adjustments to their overhead crane system and using a custom pallet jack but, after lengthy evaluation, each of these proposals didn’t make the cut.

Options considered included: 

  1. Modifying & Extending the Fixed Overhead Crane System

    Managers explored the option of modifying and adjusting the crane systems but this was ruled out due to safety and feasibility.
  2. Using a Pallet Jack to Bridge the Gap

    This idea was considered to shunt the engine across the 50cm gap but the weight of the engines far exceeded any pallet jack capacity.
  3. Installing a Turntable System

    The team discussed the possibility of installing a turntable to move the engines 90 degrees to line up with the rails. This was rejected due to the disruption it would cause and the heightened risk of slips and trips.


The Solution - Collaborating with MasterMover

With clear requirements for precision, easy integration, efficiency and alignment – the customer in Mongolia recalled seeing a MasterMover solution in use at their Australian facility.

After carefully assessing the options available, the team selected MasterMover Asia to provide a MasterTug MT2000+ and a custom-designed trolley to move engines weighing up to 13,000kg.

MasterMover engineers worked alongside the customer to design, coordinate and supply a trolley and tug solution to solve the alignment issue. Alignment was paramount for this project, so we provided a height-adjustable trolley to work alongside our MT2000+ to allow operators to precisely manoeuvre engines.

Staged project sign-off and ongoing project support meant we ensured the project was delivered to budget, timescale and project specification.

"The fact that this customer has sought us out and ultimately chosen our solution above all others is a sign of real trust and confidence in our machines."  - Renee Ooi, Regional Manager - MasterMover

The Benefits of a Custom-Designed Solution

The MasterTug MT2000+ is revolutionising the movement of engines within the factory, exceeding the initial requirements set for it. This not only enhances the customer's return on investment but also enables the tug to be used across other applications in the factory. 

MasterMover-MasterTug-MT2000 .jpg

With no operator licensed required, it allows a single operator to effortlessly transport engines weighing up to 20,000kg. As a result, efficiency is boosted, enabling the customer to meet maintenance turnaround times.

With the MasterTug MT2000+, there is no need for cranes or the brute force of engineers to finalise movements, making the entire process much safer. It also guarantees stability and precision when handling high-value engines. Furthermore, our solution is not fixed, providing greater flexibility for future site layout changes or if the customer decides to remove the rails altogether. 



Interested in learning more?

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