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Improving efficiency in Aerospace

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We’re delivering a smarter way to keep Aerospace moving

Get quicker turnaround times, control, and precision over high-value loads – even in the most time-pressured and challenging of aircraft workshop environments, whether that’s in an aerospace manufacturing, MRO or third-party supplier environment.

Work smarter
MasterMover’s range of material handling solutions is designed for precision handling, easy manoeuvrability, and fail-safe compliance. From concept and production, right through to repair, our electric tugs help to get the job done well, every time.

Think smarter
We know that the maintenance, repair, and overhaul industry working in aerospace faces pressure to get the job done to the highest of safety standards. That’s why our powerful electric tugs are specifically designed for aircraft maintenance. Capable of moving loads that weigh between 500 and 20,000 kg.

Move smarter
Waiting for a trained and licensed forklift operator can create inefficiency and unnecessary downtime. Instead, MasterMover allow a single user to handle even large components, quickly but safely and with an all-round view of surrounding obstacles.

Helping our Aerospace Customers move forward

How we’re keeping Aerospace moving

Our electric tugs offer the following innovations for Aerospace:

  • Improved manual handling: built with the end user in mind, one operator can move heavy loads effortlessly.
  • Environmentally friendly: aligned with aerospace’s mission to reduce carbon emissions, our no diesel, battery powered, and low noise technology is a win-win.
  • Reduced downtime: zero maintenance required, reducing the most common manual handling injuries.
  • Innovative solutions: we’re constantly investing and improving on our next-generation technology and solutions.
  • Enhanced safety: built for every environment, users can move a range of heavy loads effortlessly and with the added safety benefit of an anti-crush button.

The tugs provide a versatile means of moving heavy goods, such as engines and stands at the facility.

Renee Ooi
Head of MasterMover Asia


Our range of Aerospace electric tugs & tows


Move loads up to 12,000 kg

MasterMover’s All Terrain TOW and autonomous AGV TOW range of machines provide powerful solutions for moving loads up to 12,000 kg. A single operator can safely and securely connect to any load in seconds with a draw bar, towing eye, or ball hitch.

Built with a strong steel chassis and outer panels, they can be used inside or outside, on slopes and uneven surfaces.


Move loads up to 20,000 kg

Our MasterTug range is designed for moving heavy or large wheeled loads from 2,000 kg up to 20,000 kg. An automatic braking system, variable speed controls and compact size means this machine is ideal for moving loads in areas with restricted space, perfect for any aerospace environment.

Power Steered

Move loads up to 30,000 kg+

The most powerful pedestrian electric tug offered by MasterMover, the power-steered range allows a single user to push, pull and effortlessly manoeuvre loads of up to 30,000 kg and beyond using wireless technology. Other great benefits our power steered range offer is auto coupling and self-adjusting hydraulic and weight transfer.

Your questions, answered

How do electric tugs connect to different aircraft stands?

We offer a range of different coupling types and our electric tugs can connect to a variety of stands, but we can create custom connections if needed too. MasterMover’s technical sales team will answer any questions you may have – they have years of experience working closely with aerospace manufacturing, MRO or third-party supplier companies worldwide.

Can your electric tugs push and pull an engine?

Yes, you can pull, steer and turn with minimum effort. It isn’t just engines either – our machines handle everything from landing systems to winglets, staging and so much more.

Do electric tugs operate up and down slopes?

Yes. MasterMover electric tugs can also cope with rough terrain, indoors and outdoors and in wet or dry conditions. Our technical sales team will assess your working environment to make exactly the right recommendation based on your needs.

What training or permit does an operator need?

Another benefit of a MasterMover electric tug is that no special licence or permit is needed – although we’d always recommend MasterMover operator training to show you how to make the most out of your machine. We offer remote and on site training so to find out more, just get in touch.