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Automotive Manufacturing Whitepaper

Download the whitepaper

VW automotive whitepaper

Accelerating efficient ergonomics in automotive manufacturing

Do you struggle to strike a balance between optimum efficiency and safe operations

Download this free whitepaper to get the playbook on how to create leaner assembly lines without compromising safety.

Inside, you’ll find insights into:

  • The challenge of optimum efficiency and safe operations
  • How to fuel efficiency through material handling
  • Maximising safety and reducing
  • Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSD’s)

By the end, you’ll understand the role material handling solutions play in achieving a balance between efficiency and safety demands in automotive operations.

View automotive manufacturing material handling in action

Discover how Volkswagen reduced manual handling and moved heavy loads in their operations with the Master Tug MT300+.

How electric tugs drive efficiencies and improve safety

Reduce downtime - icon

Reduced downtime

Using a SM100+, staff are able to quickly and safely move the test sleds up tracks increasing speed between tests.

Eliminate manual handling - icon

Improved manual handling

Trolleys full of heavy shock absorbers can be moved with ease, completely removing strenuous movements.

Staff safety - icon

Greater use of people

Electric tugs remove the reliance on trained forklift drivers, freeing up employees to concentrate on other tasks.

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Quicker tool movements

Using a PS3000+, heavy press tools can be moved without overhead cranes resulting in reduced production delays.