Textile Industry

Move heavy loads through production areas safely, reduce risk, improve control

For companies producing and handling textiles, moving heavy bales and rolls through production and warehouses can be a real challenge. There is a risk to staff safety and high potential for musculoskeletal disorders, not to mention the costly downtime associated with a lack of productivity and efficiency.

That’s why MasterMover’s innovative range of electric tugs and pushers are trusted by textile manufacturers across the globe to create working environments that are safer, more efficient and less wasteful.

Capable of handling weights from 50 kg up to 30,000 kg and beyond, our material handling solutions take the strain when moving heavy loads – so your staff don’t have to. What’s more, the small footprint of our machines enables better use of congested and busy warehouse and production space.

We’re helping manufacturers in the textile industry to move:

  • Materials
  • A-Frame rolls
  • Cloth
  • Roll cages
  • Trolleys

To speak to one of our material handling experts, call us on +44 (0)1335 301030 or submit your enquiry.

How MasterMover products benefit customers in the textiles industry

  • Improve control for safe movement of heavy and awkward loads
  • A range of innovative electric tugs and electric tow tugs
  • Reduce risk to textile industry employees
  • Small footprint machines enable better use of production and warehouse space

Textile Industry

Heavy and awkward load moving solutions for the global textiles industry