Prefabricated Buildings

Improve safety, boost flexibility of movement, achieve complete control

Prefabricated building manufacturers who want cost-effective and safe, flexible load moving solutions trust MasterMover, the world leader in the design and manufacture of pedestrian-operated electric tugs. Moving heavy loads is no problem thanks to our pedestrian operated electric tugs and pushers – which can safely transport everything from small trolleys to completed prefabricated structures through the assembly process.

Flexibility of movement is one key benefit, with our solutions allowing heavy and awkward prefabricated buildings to be pushed, pulled, steered and turned. Reduce the reliance on costly forklift trucks, with an easy-to-use, low-maintenance battery operated electric tug.

With improved visibility around the load and no more waiting for the availability of a trained forklift truck operator, the small footprint of our machines enables better use of congested production areas.

We help manufacturers of prefabricated construction manufacturers in moving:

  • Heavy loads
  • Site cabins
  • Caravans
  • Portable buildings
  • Prefabricated homes
  • Modular buildings

To arrange an onsite survey and consultation with one of our manufacturing specialists, call us on +44 (0)1335 301030 or submit your enquiry.

Benefits of using MasterMover electric tugs

  • Increase efficiency through assembly lines
  • Reduce the reliance on fork lift trucks
  • Reduce downtime by enabling any trained operator to move even heavy and awkward loads
  • Smaller footprint machines allow the better use of production areas and greater flexibility
  • Control and manoeuvrability enables the safe movement of heavy and awkward loads

Prefabricated Buildings

Awkward load handling made easy for manufacturers of prefabricated buildings