Plastic and Metal Extrusion

Safely move stillages and hoppers, reduce manual handling, improve control in congested production environments

MasterMover provides heavy and awkward load moving solutions for plastic and metal extrusions. Whether it’s transporting large stillages of finished product or hoppers to the production line, our electric tugs reduce the need for manual handling and create safer, more efficient working environments.

With less need for forklift trucks or side loaders, it is possible to reduce maintenance costs and the downtime associated with waiting for a licensed operator to become available. Our powerful electric tugs are easy to maintain and easy to use, allowing a single pedestrian operator to safely move loads of 50 kg right up to 30,000 kg and beyond.

Improved mobility and visibility means less risk of accidents to employees and reduced damage to products and components during transportation. Meanwhile, the small footprint of our tugs enables better use of crowded production areas.

MasterMover’s material handling solutions are helping manufacturers of plastic and metal extrusions to move:

  • Plastic profiles and aluminium profiles
  • Moulds
  • Die components
  • Raw materials

To speak to one of our material handling specialists about how we can help you, call us on +44 (0)1335 301030 or submit your enquiry.

How MasterMover's material handling solutions benefit manufacturers of plastic and metal extrusions:

  • Dramatically reduce manual handling and associated risks
  • Safe and controlled movement of heavy and awkward loads in congested manufacturing environments
  • Reduce downtime and improve manufacturing efficiency
  • Use fewer forklift trucks – and so improve visibility and flexibility
  • Small footprint machines enable better use of production area
  • Control and manoeuvrability enables the movement of heavy and awkward loads more safely using less man power

Plastic and Metal Extrusion

Heavy and awkward load moving solutions for plastic and metal extrusions