6 Benefits of Becoming A Sales Partner

Gain a competitive advantage

MasterMover sales partner

Growth is great for business. Everybody wants it.

For expanding industrial equipment providers, growing sales, strengthening your position in the market and increasing your bottom line are all essential when striving for tangible business growth.

Expanding your strategic relationships and sales networks offer scalable ways to speed up growth aspirations, increase existing customer value and penetrate new markets.

2 MasterTugs moving a piece of oil & gas equipment

The opportunity

The material handling equipment sector has seen significant growth over the last few years, with organisations in a range of industries looking to implement solutions to safety challenges, efficiency demands and labour shortages.

Complementing your existing portfolio with innovative, future-focused equipment like electric tugs enables you to capitalise on increasing market demand and diversify your product portfolio.

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Increasing market demand

We’re seeing substantial growth in a range of sectors such as industrial manufacturing, aerospace, and biopharmaceuticals for our electric tug solutions to deliver safety and efficiency gains for some of the world’s biggest organisations.

The market for future-focused technology options is also picking up pace, with strong demand for AGVs and wireless solutions, you can drive commercial gains from high-value projects and turnkey solutions.

Why add MasterMover electric tugs to your portfolio?

At MasterMover, we have pioneered material handling innovation for over 25 years and are a trusted and leading worldwide brand.

We design and manufacture compact, high-performing electric material handling equipment to help improve safety and efficiency across all industrial and manufacturing environments.

Our powerful machines effortlessly move jet engines, modular buildings, heavy machinery, and wind turbine blades.

My relationship with MasterMover is not only professional – we’ve been friends for many years. They are world leaders for electric tugs with unrivalled technology and a wide range of solutions for the industry.

6 benefits you’ll see as a MasterMover sales partner

By adding our best-in-class electric tug and tow solutions to your portfolio, you’ll benefit from:

  • Maximise revenue - icon

    1. Revenue growth from your existing customer base

    Electric tugs offer you the opportunity to win quick sales, increase revenue and cross-sell total solution packages to your existing clients, strengthening your relationships and positioning.

  • Work with industry leaders - icon

    2. Work with industry giants

    We work with a huge range of Fortune 500 companies like Airbus, Caterpillar and Pfizer – and by becoming a Sales Partner, you’ll benefit from our industry relationships, allowing you to tap into regional production facilities and build new opportunities.

  • New sectors - icon

    3. Break into new sectors

    With an unrivalled product range, you’ll have opportunities to diversify into new sectors such as automotive, energy, pharmaceutical manufacturing and many more.

  • Expand your portfolio - icon

    4. Expand your portfolio

    Flexible solutions are available as pedestrian-operated, remote-controlled, and fully autonomous (AGV) options, you’ll be able to provide solutions designed around your customers’ needs and budget.

  • Improve engagement - icon

    5. Improved engagement

    We provide our sales partners with extensive training and continuous learning so you can become expert ambassadors of our solutions for your customers.

  • Collaborative sales - icon

    6. Collaborative sales

    Sales partners work with our Regional Account Managers, who support you in generating leads and driving new business opportunities to take advantage of our existing established relationships and industry knowledge.

Our product offerings are innovative and aim to solve challenges in the biopharmaceutical industry – the MasterMover electric tug is the perfect complement to our portfolio. MasterMover is an incredible partner.

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We don’t stop there. You are supported every step of the way.

We are committed to building effective and lasting relationships with our Sales Partners and are proud of our onboarding, which ensures you’re equipped with the tools for success.

We provide outstanding after-sales support advice, local support, and out-of-hours support.

Are you interested?

Our success is built on a winning combination of innovative products, solution selling, and excellent customer care.

Ultimately, we seek partners with the same values and approach who can represent our brand effectively and grow with us benefiting from a long-term strategic partnership.

Want to learn more?

Download your Guide to Becoming a Sales Partner for more information and get in touch to start a conversation.