20,000 kg

The TMS2000+ allows a single pedestrian operator to move unladen articulated lorry trailers weighing up to 20,000 kg. Using a clever hydraulic weight transfer system, the TMS2000+ connects to the fifth wheel pin and lifts the front of the trailer off its stands. Controlled start acceleration and an AC drive motor then mobilise the load and automatic braking brings tug and trailer to a stop if the controls are released.

Caracteristici cheie

  • Push și sarcina remorcii Trageți în condiții de siguranță până la 20,000 kg
  • Sistemul de monitorizare a bateriei
  • șasiu din oțel testat FEA
  • Regele hidraulic pini de ridicare
  • transferul de greutate hidraulică

Technical Information

Product code TMS2000+
Max load
Drive motor power
Operating temperature range
Operates in wet envrionment
Can be used on slopes
Speed range
Height Electric AC
Width Electromagnetic
Total weight 8 kW
Drive wheel type Polyurethane
Chassis and body 0.1 km/h - 5 km/h
Battery type IP44
How long does the battery last?*
External charger input voltage
Charging time**
Mast - 50mm king pin
Mast - 90mm king pin
Option - flashing safety light and motion bleeper
Option - two speed selector switch
Option - air compressor - quick release
Option - lifting and anchoring points
Opțiune - baterie cu litiu
Automatic cut off when tiller arm returns to vertical
Emergency stop button
Warning horn

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