Looking to Rent a MasterMover Battery Power Tug, Tow or Pusher?

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Whatever your needs may be, you can rent a MasterMover Battery Power Tug, Tow or Pusher with ease, at a price and duration to suit your business.

Let our experienced staff advise you on what equipment will best meet your manual handling requirements. Nationwide delivery and training available.

For all your Rentals enquiries contact Sarah Williams on Tel. 01335 30 18 69 or enquiry via the rental form:

Make an Enquiry Download rentals brochure (PDF)

There are Two Hire/Rent options available:

MasterMover fixed term contract hire is a fixed term operating lease. You simply make an initial payment followed by fixed monthly rentals for the duration of the agreement.

1. Select the MasterMover Battery Power Tug, Tow or Pusher you want to hire.

2. Choose the hire period that’s right for you and your business.(between 36 and 60 months)

3. Choose your hire maintenance option.

4. Choose your hire consumables pack.

5. MasterMover will then be able to calculate your initial payment and fixed monthly rental.

6. At the end of the rental agreement, simply return the Battery Tug, Tow or Pusher to us, take out a new MasterMover hire agreement and benefit from using the latest model.

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Further options

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