Electric Tugs by Range

Our SmartMover range is ideal for moving wheeled loads of up to 1,200 kg in confined or congested spaces where there is a lot of pedestrian traffic. Offering complete control even on slopes, improved operator safety and ease of use, each compact battery powered motorised tugger combines superior traction and power. As such, the SmartMover is a popular choice when it comes to finding the right material handling solution for the retail and logistics, facilities management and pharmaceutical sectors.

MasterMover’s MasterTug range is designed for moving heavy or large wheeled loads, with capacities ranging from 2,000 kg up to 20,000 kg. A single pedestrian operator can push, pull and steer with ease – making a MasterTug the ideal material handling solution for manufacturing, the aerospace manufacturing, aerospace MRO, oil and gas manufacturing and renewable energy industries.

Meanwhile, our most powerful material handling solution to date, the PS3000+, offers capabilities of moving up to 30,000 kg. When used in MultiLink mode, a series of PS machines wirelessly synchronise together to move up loads of up to 360,000 kg. The PS3000+ MultiLink mode has been used to improve safety and efficiency in industries including aerospace manufacturing, as well as steel and wind turbine manufacturing .

Our range also includes stainless steel and ATEX compliant material handling solutions, all-terrain machines and trailer moving systems.

MasterMover moves skates, bogies, cable reels, trailers, large structures, components and trolleys. Need bespoke coupling or a solution that’s outside our existing products? Our design and engineering Special Projects’ Team provides a structured project management process to deliver solutions that are on time and on budget.

What can we move for you? Just browse MasterMover’s full range of electric tugs, electric tows, battery powered pusher and material handling solutions.

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Our SmartMover range is ideal for moving wheeled loads of up to 2,000 kg in confined or congested spaces where there is a lot of pedestrian traffic.

Offering complete control and peace-of-mind operator safety, each compact machine combines power and traction for superior performance.

MasterMover’s range of MasterTow electric tow tugs provide powerful load moving solutions for loads of up to 20,000 kg.

Capable of handling the toughest of environments, our machines can be used inside or outside, including on slopes and less than perfect surfaces.

The MasterTug allows a single pedestrian operator to easily push, pull and steer wheeled loads weighing up to a maximum of 20,000kg. Simple to use controls, lightweight steering and outstanding manoeuvrability deliver an exceptional operator experience, with MasterTug electric tugs able to be used inside, outside, and on slopes.

Utilising a patent-protected weight transfer system to generate traction, MasterTug machines are compact, yet highly powerful. A range of coupling options are available, designed to maximise load security.

All Terrain Pusher
Our All Terrain Pusher and MasterPusher are designed for pushing heavy loads on rails, even on uneven surfaces.

The AC drive motor and automatic braking system ensure immense power and complete control. An adjustable height coupling adds flexibility when working with existing equipment.

Ideal for space-constricted areas with a tight turning circle, the MasterHandler moves loads where the castors are all swivelling.

Our machine is designed to keep the travelling load straight and stop uncontrolled sideways movement.

MasterMover’s PowerSteered range allows a single user to push, pull and effortlessly manoeuvre loads over 30,000 kg using wireless technology.

Achieve complete visibility with remote operation and smooth, efficient handling.

Trailer Moving System
Safer, effective and powerful electric trailer mover range of electric tugs that are capable of handling loads of up to 20,000 kg.

The only pedestrian operated trailer mover designed to transport any unladen lorry trailers.

From box van trailers to curtain sided through low loader, tanker and flatbed trailers, our range of TMS electric tugs allows for effortless steering through 180º, which is ideal for confined spaces and workshops.

For safer load moving in potentially hazardous working conditions, MasterMover is able to modify all existing MasterTugs to operate in zones 1 and 2 (gaseous explosive environments) and zones 21 and 22 (powder or dust explosive environments) to meet ATEX and IECEx standards.

Our expert team also offers a complete design and project managed service for bespoke and custom solutions.

Stainless Steel
When manufacturers want to adopt working practices that are agile, efficient and still meet the highest of safety standards, MasterMover’s stainless steel electric tugs are the obvious answer.

Trusted by the biggest names in the food and pharmaceutical sectors, our SmartMovers, MasterTugs and MasterHandler machine are all available in stainless steel options and capable of handling loads of up to 12,000 kg.

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