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MasterMover Expands Stainless Steel Electric Tug Range with New 2,000kg Capacity Model

sm200+ stainless steel electric tug

MasterMover, the global leader in electric tug solutions, has launched its new SM200+ SS model, designed to deliver the safe and controlled movement of heavy, wheeled loads in cleanroom and food-safe environments.

The SM200+ SS electric tug offers a load capacity of up to 2,000kg and features a hydraulic coupling system for secure connection to the load being moved. Made with 316-grade stainless steel and featuring an IP44 rating as standard, the SM200+ is ideally suited to moving equipment, products and materials in controlled environments.

The MasterMover Stainless Steel range offers biopharmaceutical and food manufacturers unrivalled choice when selecting effective material handling equipment, with machine models available up to a maximum load capacity of 30,000kg. Electric tugs are widely used to move equipment such as chromatography columns, totes and mixers, under the control of a single operator, with the ability to start, stop and manoeuvre with ease.

The SM200+ SS is designed with a safety-first approach, featuring an anti-crush button, adjustable speed settings, a warning horn and intuitive operator controls. A 180-degree steering angle and compact design make the SM200+SS the ideal solution for executing precise movements in confined spaces, with the hydraulic coupling system offering maximum load security.

Our commitment to innovation is further solidified by the launch of the SM200+ SS. Our Stainless Steel range continues to grow and evolve, providing our global customers with reliable solutions for promoting safety and efficiency in highly sensitive environments


“The SM200+ SS enables a single operator to effortlessly move up to 2,000kg, eliminating the need for manual handling. A compact design and stainless steel construction make it ideally suited to working in sensitive environments such as pharmaceutical manufacturing and food processing. Expanding our Stainless Steel range with the SM200+ SS enables our customers to benefit from another best-in-class material handling solution.”

The MasterMover range of stainless steel electric tugs and tows is used around the world by manufacturers in the biopharmaceutical and food industries. They deliver the safe, controlled and easy movement of wheeled loads, eliminating manual handling and driving operational efficiency.

About MasterMover

MasterMover is a world-leading manufacturer of electric tug solutions, designed to improve operational efficiency and safety when moving wheeled and semi-wheeled loads. The company focuses on innovation, research and development to provide the widest range of electric tug products on the market, with pedestrian operated, remotely controlled and fully Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) options available, in addition to MultiLink technology to combine the power of a range of machines into a single solution.

MasterMover operates globally through direct relationships and a network of sales and service partners. The company works with an enviable range of world-leading names across industries such as manufacturing, aerospace, energy, pharmaceuticals, retail, logistics, waste and facilities management, and healthcare. With in-house engineering experience, MasterMover has a successful track record in delivering bespoke projects for a range of customers.

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SM200+ SS - Front

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SM200+ SS - Dynamic

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