Pedestrian Tugs For The Manufacturing And Assembly Industry

MasterMover provides electric tug solutions for all companies involved with manufacturing. This sector has the most diverse requirements from moving a small trolley to moving a complete production line. Over the years we have supplied our product range to work in the most demanding of environments. The various sectors listed below are just a small selection of the solutions and benefits we have provided.

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What's Being Moved?

Industrial Electric Tugs - MasterMover - Aerospace Aerospace
Articulated Trailer Chassis - MasterMover - Articulated Lorry Trailers Articulated Lorry Trailers
Commercial Vehicles Handling - MasterMover - Automotive and Commercial Vehicles Automotive and Commercial vehicles
Boat Building - MasterMover - Boat Building Boat Building
Electric Pushers - MasterMover - Brick and Ceramic Brick and Ceramic
Pedestrian Electric Tugs - MasterMover - Cable and Steel Wire Reels Cable and Steel Wire Reels
Load Handling Solutions - MasterMover - Chemical Chemical
Material Handling - MasterMover - Construction and Mining Equipment Construction and Mining Equipment
Electric Power Tugs - MasterMover - Engine, Pump and Generator Engine, Pump and Generator
Heavy Glass Stillages - MasterMover - Glass Glass
Modular Buildings Mover - MasterMover - Modular Buildings Modular Buildings
Electric Pusher - MasterMover - Paper Paper
Move Heavy Stillages - MasterMover - Plastic and Metal Extrusion Plastic and Metal Extrusion
Heavy Load Moving - MasterMover - Steel and Fabrication Steel and Fabrication
Carpet Handling Equipment - MasterMover - Textile Industry Textile Industry
Train Bogies - MasterMover - Trains Trains
Electric Tug Solutions - MasterMover - Wind Turbines Wind Turbines
At300 tow   automotive and commercial vehicles   groupe psa
Mt20 1500   construction   mining equipment   terex
Att400   brick   ceramic   hanson brick
Mt10   paper   visy   australia
Mt10 560   wire   cable   afl
Mt400    plastic and metal extrusion   shintech
Mt20 1500   modular buildings   elliott modular
Mt5 400   engine   pump   generator   compair
Mt5 400   textiles   christy
Tms30 1650   articulated lorry trailers %284%29

Benefits For Manufacturing And Assembly

  • Dramatic reduction in manual handling
  • Enable delivery of components and materials ‘just in time’
  • Safe movement of loads through congested production environments
  • Increased efficiency through semi automating assembly lines
  • Reduce downtime by enabling any trained operator to move a load – no more waiting for forklift or overhead crane availability!
  • Reduce capital expenditure by using fewer forklifts
  • Small footprint machines enable better use of production and warehouse space.
  • Control and manoeuvrability enables you to move heavy and awkward loads more safely using less man power
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