Performance Plus
up to 793,000 lb

MasterMover’s performance plus range of machines includes our PS3000+, our most powerful pedestrian electric tug to date. When linked together in a chain of 12 machines, the PS3000+ is capable of handling loads up to 793,000 lb.

The ATT400+ is the most effective electric tow tugger to pull and push wheeled loads. With an application on castors and using the high performance hydraulic coupling over 11,000 lbs can be moved.

Multi-Link Systems by MasterMover allows a single remote operator to simultaneously control up to 12 electric tuggers through a synchronized movement.

  • Complete wireless control
  • Multiple machines

The MasterPusher MP400 electric pusher is designed to push loads on rails. Using leverage to gain traction, the single operator simply pushes the machine towards the load in order to start it moving.

  • FEA tested steel chassis
  • AC drive motor
  • Power steering through 180°

The All Terrain Pusher ATP400 is an electric pusher designed to push wheeled loads, even if the floor surface is less than perfect.

  • FEA tested steel chassis
  • Self-levelling support castor
  • Leveraged weight transfer