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Improving work flows for trailer manufacturers with our semi-trailer movers

Increasingly, manufacturing relies on improving operational efficiency, flexibility, safety and lowering costs. MasterMover is improving work flows for many semi-trailer manufacturers around the world, providing innovative solutions that keep workplaces safe, offering greater flexibility and the ability to scale production without investment in costly fixed equipment.

Our Trailer Moving System (TMS) range of electric tuggers provide the capability to move a variety of trailers quickly and safely throughout the production process. Inside or out, they make light work of many types of unladen semi-trailers like curtain siders, tankers or refrigerated units of up to 44,000 lbs. Thanks to their innovative design and electric power, they offer increased maneuverability in tight production areas, improved visibility, smooth, safe speed control, all delivered with zero emissions.

Here’s just some of the manufacturers we’re currently working with.

Key benefits of the Trailer Moving System

  • Safely control unladen semi-trailers up to 44,000 lbs
  • Supports flexible production line needs
  • Highly maneuverable in confined spaces, turn semi-trailers within their own space
  • Safely connects to standard semi-trailer coupling and king pin
  • Easy to use and no licence required

See our semi-trailer movers in action

Operators can move semi-trailers inside and out with ease.

Move any type of semi-trailer safely in confined spaces.

Simple and easy to use with zero emissions.

Our range of semi-trailer moving tuggers

TMS 1100+

Load Weight Move loads up to 24,200 lbs

The TMS1100+ allows the operator to move unladen semi-trailers weighing up to 24,200 lbs.

The TMS1100+ connects to a standard semi-trailer coupling and king pin and lifts the front of the trailer off its stands. Controlled start acceleration and a powerful AC drive motor can easily move the load, while automatic braking brings tugger and trailer to a safe stop if the controls are released.


Load Weight Move loads up to 44,000 lbs

The TMS2000+ is designed to move many common types of unladen semi-trailers of up to 44,000 lbs.

It allows a single operator to connect to a standard semi-trailer coupling and king pin and with minimal effort, quickly and easily move the load. The 48v AC motor and high grip wheels provide ample power and traction, allowing you to easily flex your production needs without costly fixed production line equipment.

There was a need to make sure the production line is much more flexible so that the manufacturer can continue to meet demand now and in the future.

Markus Schubert
Head of MasterMover GmbH


Service & support, where you need it

MasterMover is the world’s leading manufacturer of electric tuggers with great expertise in your sector. That gives us the knowledge and you the reassurance to help you choose the right product for your needs.

Because your MasterMover forms an important part of your operation, we’re here for you beyond the initial sale with the aftersales service and support you need. We can provide front line technical support and parts distribution, as well as work with your local lift truck company for more complex repairs and servicing.

We’ll keep you moving.

Your questions, answered

How does an electric tugger help improve semi-trailer production systems?

Traditionally, complex production line chain systems, overhead cranes and manual handling are used in semi-trailer production. These methods are expensive to own and maintain, lack flexibility as well as promoting unsafe working environments. Electric tuggers, like the TMS range, require no such large scale investment and offer a much lower cost route to managing your production needs.

Electric tuggers, unlike fixed production line plant and machinery are moveable by their very nature and make upscaling or changing production requirement headaches a problem of the past.

How is the semi-trailer secured to the tugger?

The tugger is connected to the standard semi-trailer coupling and secured with a king pin. This creates a secure unbreakable bond and enables outstanding maneuverability but without the cost and complexity of shunters. Loads can quickly and easily be connected, no need to attach air lines, improving operational efficiency.

What sorts of semi-trailers can I move with a MasterMover?

We’ve designed the MasterMover TMS to move virtually any type of semi-trailer from curtain siders to refrigerated units. Depending on which model you choose, our TMS tuggers can be used to move unladen semi-trailers of up to 44,000 lbs.

This flexibility means that once a trailer becomes movable with the fitting of axles and wheels during production, it’s easy to couple it to the tugger and move it to another part of the factory for assembly to continue or to move it short distances once the semi-trailer is complete.

What materials are used in the construction?

Our TMS tuggers are ‘built tough’ from high quality steel, zinc passivated and powder coated.

We understand that your tugger will be an integral part of your production process, our approach to build quality ensures increased reliability and a long service life.

I think I need something different; can you help?

Yes – we’re an engineering company with over 25 years’ experience.

If we can’t solve your moving and handling problem with our standard range then we can explore creating a custom solution just for you.