Oil and Gas

Improve safety, reduce production delays, increase efficiency

Confined space, uneven surfaces and time-pressured production processes mean that oil and gas equipment manufacturers face particular challenges when moving large components safely and efficiently. We’re here to help, thanks to solutions that work in the most challenging of production environments, reducing the risk of accidents and improving maneuverability in difficult spaces.

The world’s leading oil and gas equipment manufacturers trust us to move loads from 110 lbs up to 790,000 lbs, with machines that can be bespoke to fit the customers’ needs.

Our pedestrian-operated tugs and tows lessen or eliminate the need for overhead cranes and forklift trucks, offering all-round visibility and cutting the frustrating downtime that’s a common experience when waiting for a trained and licensed forklift operator.


We’re helping customers in Oil & Gas move:

  • Subsea Trees
  • ROVs
  • Pipes & pumps
  • Machines sub-assemblies
  • Valves and wellhead equipment
  • Umbilical cables

To arrange an onsite survey and consultation with one of our oil and gas specialists, call us at 980-263-2210 or submit your inquiry.

Benefits for the Oil & Gas Industry

  • Reduces reliance on overhead cranes & forklifts
  • Improves safety for employees
  • Eliminates manual handling of production equipment
  • Increases manufacturing efficiency
  • Stage build quality process

Oil and Gas

Oil and gas equipment manufacturers choose us for strength and manoeuvrability even in moving the heaviest equipment