MasterTug MT300+

6,600 lb

The MasterTug MT300 is a compact electric tugger and is designed to move loads weighing up to 6,600 lb.

The MT300+ utilizes an innovative hydraulic weight transfer system, which allows the machine to use the weight of the attached load to generate the traction needed move safely and efficiently. Coupled with the variable speed button, the MT300 is the perfect electric tug for moving parts, stock or containers through various environments.

The automatic tiller cut off, self-adjusting castor guard and anti-crush button all maximize operator safety and the interchangeable battery ensures the machine is available for use 24/7.

To see how the MT300 can help improve your safety and efficiency, why not get in touch for more information or for a free quotation

Key Features

  • Push and Pull any load safely up to 6,600 lb
  • Interchangeable battery for 24/7 operation
  • Tiller arm release automatic braking system
  • Variable speed controls
  • Hydraulic Weight Transfer for improved traction
  • Self-adjusting castor guard

Technical Info

Product code MT300+
Max load 6,600 lb
Drive motor power 1200 W
Operating temperature range 14 to 104°F
Operates in wet environments Yes
Can operate on slopes Yes
Speed range 0.75 to 2 mph
Height 47 in
Width 23 in
Depth 44 in
Total weight 507 lb
Drive wheel type
Chassis and body Mild steel, powdercoated
Battery type Sealed
Capacity 71 Ah
Voltage 24
Interchangeable battery Yes
How long does the battery last?* 7.3 miles
External charger input voltage 85 to 265v
Charging time** 5h 00m
Onboard charger input voltage 85 to 265v
Charging time** 6h 00m
Coupling - male - height adjustable combi - medium
Coupling - male - height adjustable box - medium
Coupling - female - combi - medium
Coupling - female - box - medium
Coupling - channel coupling body
Bespoke couplings available
Flashing safety light and motion bleeper
Two speed selector switch
Combi lock
Quick release coupling pins
Lithium battery
Fully customisable and bespoke couplings
Self-adjusting castor guard for foot protection
Automatic cut off as tiller arm returns to vertical
Anti-crush button
Emergency stop button
Warning horn

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