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Benefits of electric tuggers in pharmaceutical manufacturing

  • Maximize productivity by enabling efficient movement of equipment and loads
  • Utilize resources more effectively by eliminating manual handing
  • Keep your people safe and free from physical strain
  • Ensure controlled movement of high-value equipment and loads
  • Eliminate damage to the operating environment, equipment, and loads, with high maneuverability
  • Utilize hydraulic coupling to maximize load security
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Maximizing efficiency & safety in pharmaceutical manufacturing

From chromatography columns to skids and mixers, the MasterMover pharmaceutical range of stainless steel electric tugs and tows is designed to make moving heavy clean room equipment and loads easier and safer, maximizing efficiency and safety.

Compact, powerful and highly maneuverable, they make light work of moving heavy process equipment in clean room environments enabling one person to move loads up to 44,000 lbs., eliminating manual handling, reducing risk and improving utilization of resources.

1 SmartMover moving media/buffer tote
2 MasterTow moving a single use mixer
3 MasterTug moving a chromatography column
4 MasterHandler moving egg-tested vaccine manufacturing equipment


Our pharmaceutical range of electric tuggers & tows


Moves up to 2,600 lbs.

The stainless steel SmartMover is a versatile machine for moving mobile process equipment weighing up to 2,600 lbs. It is the perfect solution for moving vessels and tanks up to 1000L volume.

With an IP rating of IP42 and a 240-grit polish finish, it is perfectly suited to working in pharmaceutical manufacturing environments and other confined spaces.


Moves up to 6,600 lbs.

The IP55 rated MasterTow can push, pull, maneuver and brake mobile process equipment weighing up to 6,600 lbs. It is ideally suited to moving larger tanks, mixers and skids up to 2000L volume.

Its compact size and ease of maneuverability, make it perfect for moving heavy loads of up to 6,600 lbs. in areas of restricted space, commonly found in pharmaceutical manufacturing environments.


Moves up to 8,800 lbs.

The MasterHandler is designed specifically to move process equipment mounted on all swiveling caster wheels. With a small footprint and a 8,800 lbs. weight capacity, the MasterHandler is well suited to moving heavy loads where space is tight.

This compact machine works in space restricted areas and allows turning within its own space.


Moves up to 33,000 lbs.

The MasterTug is available in a range of weight capacities up to 33,000 lbs.. Being compact, powerful and highly maneuverable it is perfect for moving the heaviest skids, tanks and large volume chromatography columns.

Its compact size and easy-to-use functions make this machine ideal for moving heavy loads up to 33,000 lbs. in areas with restricted space, making it perfect for any pharmaceutical business.

Staff can now manoeuvre heavy wheeled loads, safely and easily, around tight corners and through awkward spaces.

Mike Gust
Technical Service Manager

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Your questions, answered

How does an electric tugger help increase efficiency?

Where traditional manual handling methods require 2 or 3 people to move heavy loads, our electric tugs and tows are single-person operated; manpower is reduced to one person, freeing up resources.

How can electric tuggers protect your people, plant and product?

In a word, ‘control’. A tugger provides people with the ability to precisely control the movement of process equipment. All of the effort involved with manhandling a tank into position is removed.

At the gentle press of a thumb, a tank can be moved up a ramp onto a weigh scale and stopped exactly where it needs to be.

With this level of control over load movement, people and plant can be protected and the risk of losing a batch to a toppled tank disappears.

Is it possible to operate an electric tugger in confined spaces?

Yes – all of our stainless steel tugs and tows can push, pull, maneuver and brake mobile process equipment.

The flexible steering on our machines enables them to rotate loads on their corner axis. This unparalleled range of movement means that our tugs can move loads in even the tightest of clean room environments.

What is the grade of stainless steel used?

All our stainless steel tuggers and tows are constructed with a 316 grade steel chassis. A pickle and passivation process is undertaken to assist with the formation of a continuous chromium-oxide passive film and to remove contaminants.

Finally, a 240 grit polish is applied to provide a durable finish.

I think I need something different; can you help?

Yes – we’re an engineering company with over 25 years’ of experience.

If we can’t solve your moving and handling problem with our standard range then we can explore creating a custom solution just for you.

Ready to talk? Request a Consultation.

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