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Manual Handling Solutions for Facilities Management

With over 25 years’ experience of designing and manufacturing electric tuggers, MasterMover understand the diverse nature of industries like facilities management. That’s why we have tailor-made solutions to help manage in many sectors across numerous applications including moving food containers, waste management, linen, roll cages, trolleys and much more.

Our FM range of tugs and tows enable one person to move numerous heavy wheeled loads up to 13,200 lbs, improving productivity, eliminating manual handling and reducing accidents and the threat of litigation. MasterMover are already working with some of the biggest names in your sector, so why not join them?

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Key Benefits for Facilities Management

  • Improve workplace safety by eliminating manual handling
  • Maximize productivity by cutting time to complete a task
  • Increase efficiency by only needing one person
  • Easy to use and maneuver in confined spaces
  • Powerful enough to move wheeled loads up to 13,200 lbs
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Our Range of Facilities Management Electric Tuggers & Tows


Load Weight Moves up to 2,600 lbs

MasterMover SmartMover - SM100 - Main Product View

The SmartMover range are compact, powerful and versatile machines for moving loads from 110 lbs up to 2,600 lbs.

They are ideal for working in confined spaces with lots of pedestrian traffic and allow one person to move several loads at a time, even over slopes and uneven surfaces.


Load Weight Moves up to 6,600 lbs

MasterMover’s range of MasterTow machines provide powerful load moving solutions for loads from 4,400 lbs to 6,600 lbs.

Capable of working in the toughest environments, our electric tows can be used inside or outside and give one person full control, even on slopes and uneven ground.


Load Weight Moves up to 13,200 lbs

Our MasterTugs are capable of moving loads from 4,400 lbs up to 13,200 lbs, allowing a single operator to push, pull and steer heavy and awkward loads safely and easily.

These strong and versatile machines are capable of working in numerous applications, which makes them invaluable for the FM sector.

One person can now do the job safely and have complete control of the attached load.

Anthony Brown
Regional Sales Manager

Service & Support, Where You Need It

MasterMover is the world’s leading manufacturer of electric tuggers with great expertise in your sector. That gives us the knowledge and you the reassurance to help you choose the right product for your needs.

Because your MasterMover forms an important part of your operation, we’re here for you beyond the initial sale with the aftersales service and support you need. We can provide front line technical support and parts distribution, as well as work with your local lift truck company for more complex repairs and servicing.

We’ll keep you moving.

Your Questions, Answered

How is safety to users and load improved?

With increased maneuverability and safety features, an electric tugger reduces the risk of losing control of the load, which can cause trapped limbs or injury to others.

The risk of unnecessary bumps, scrapes to the attached load and damage to the loads content is also reduced, due to the extra stability of the electric tugger.

How does an electric tugger help increase efficiency?

Where traditional manual handling methods require 2 or 3 people to move heavy loads, our electric tuggers and tows are single person operated; man power is reduced to one person, freeing up resources.

Do I need a license to operate an electric tugger or tow?

No – you do not need a licence to use our machines.

As it does not lift the load clear of the ground and so does not come under the same regulations as a forklift truck.

Training is provided to all users of our electric tuggers.

Can electric tuggers be used outside or in wet conditions?

Yes – all of our machines can be used outside and/or in wet conditions with some designed specifically to be used in those conditions.

I have a bespoke requirement, can you help?

Yes – If you have any special requirements, we can also create fully customized couplings to suit your application.

Please speak to our experts for more details