AT1000 TOW

10,000 kg

The All-Terrain AT1000 TOW electric tug is perfect for safely towing loads where weight transfer is not possible, up to 10,000 kg. The tug is self-weighted and compact, providing excellent traction for effortless load towing whilst attaching to any load with a draw bar, towing eye or ball hitch fitting. It can be used inside or outside, including on slopes and less than perfect surfaces.

Key Features

  • Pull any load safely up to 10,000 kg
  • Interchangeable battery for 24/7 operation
  • Attach loads with a draw bar, towing eye or ball hitch
  • Tiller arm release automatic braking system
  • Variable speed control
  • Fully customisable and bespoke couplings

Technical Info

Product code AT1000 TOW
Recommended load weight - Castors Internal weight packs for added stability
Drive motor power 40000 kg
Machine weight including battery 1070 kg
Battery pack - sealed - 204Ah 24V - Interchangeable
Battery pack - sealed - 179 Ah 24V - Interchangable
Battery pack - lithium - 158 Ah 24V - fixed
Charger - internal - 20A 24V - 85V-265V
Charger - external - 30A 24V - 85V-265V
Charger - lithium - external - 40A 24V - 85V-265V
Drive type Electric AC
Drive wheel type
Controller type AC
Variable machine speed 0-6kph
Ingress Protection IP44
Coupling - male - pin
Coupling - male - height adjustable tow ball - 50mm
Coupling - male - height adjustable box
Coupling - adjustable towing arm
Coupling - female - box
Bespoke couplings available
Option - flashing safety light and motion bleeper
Option - two speed selector switch
Option - fifth wheel
Option - battery protection system
Option - Lithium battery
Option - wireless controller handset
Option - ATEX
Automatic cut off when tiller arm returns to vertical
Anti-crush button
Emergency stop button
Warning horn
Machine crawl coupling assist

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