2,000 kg

The New AT200 TOW is simple and easy to use offering towing capabilities of up to 2,000 kg. A single operator can safely manoeuvre and connect securely to any load in seconds without the need for an operator license.

Ergonomically designed, the AT200 TOW improves both safety and efficiency across a number of working environments and terrains.

With the addition of anti-slip, puncture-proof tyres and automatic tiller cut off, the AT200 TOW maximises operator safety at all times and the interchangeable battery ensures the machine is available for use 24/7.

The AT200’s optional switchable steering mode allows a single operator to change from a fixed steering position; which can be used for manoeuvring larger, heavier loads, to direct steering, giving full control and manoeuvrability via the tiller arm to move connected loads through space restricted areas.

Attaching to any load up to 2,000 kg with a draw bar, towing eye or ball hitch fitting is easy thanks to the AT200 TOW’s coupling crawl function. This allows the operator to move the machine slowly and connect simultaneously.

To see how the new and improved AT200 TOW can help improve your safety and efficiency, why not get in touch for more information or for a quotation.

Key Features

  • Pull any load safely up to 2,000 kg
  • Interchangeable battery for 24/7 operation
  • Attach loads with a draw bar, towing eye or ball hitch
  • Anti-crush button for operator safety
  • Optional switchable steering mode
  • Fully customisable and bespoke couplings

Technical Info

Product code AT200 TOW
Recommended load weight - Castors 2000 kg
Recommended load weight - Rails 8000 kg
Ingress Protection IP44
Machine weight including battery 293 kg
Maximum Push Force (N) 882
Battery pack - sealed - interchangeable
Battery pack - lithium - fixed 79Ah 24V
Drive type
Parking brake Electric
Charger - external Electromagnetic
Charger - lithium - external 15A 24V - 85V-265V
Variable machine speed 40A 24V - 85V-265V
Coupling - male - pin
Coupling - male - height adjustable tow ball - 50mm
Coupling - male - adjustable towing arm
Coupling - male - height adjustable box - small - horizontal
Coupling - female - box
Bespoke couplings available
Flashing safety light and motion bleeper
Lithium battery
Machine crawl coupling assist
Fifth wheel
Available in ATEX

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