MasterMover | Service And Support

As the manufacturer of your MasterMover, we are best placed to maintain your machine and ensure that it operates safely and reliably throughout its life.

We realise that your MasterMover may form an integral part of your operation and that people will rely on it to complete their daily work. For this reason, MasterMover offer a complete aftersales maintenance and emergency repair service.

We have a team of regionally based technicians who carry out routine service and equipment inspections as well as respond to emergency breakdowns. High-tech customer relationship management software and in-vehicle GPS tracking ensures that we can respond to your needs as efficiently as possible.

Service Packs

Regular servicing is the key to safeguarding your MasterMover’s performance. With this in mind we offer a range of planned preventative maintenance (PPM) programmes designed to ensure that your MasterMover is always safe and reliable.

Your working environment and the level of usage will place unique demands on your MasterMover, please consult with one of our representatives or your MasterMover technician to establish which Service Pack is the best for you.

Service Pack 2 Service Pack 3 Service Pack 4
Number of service visits per annum 2 3 4
Priority status* 48 hours 24 hours 8 hours
Parts & labour discount** 5% 10% 15%

Each service pack includes the travel to site and the labour to carry out the service but excludes any parts or labour for additional repairs.

* Priority status – this means that we will aim to have an engineer on site within the indicated time. This does not constitute a commitment to meet these times in every case.
** This is the discount automatically applied to parts and labour charges.

Service Consolidate

We are happy to supply service and maintenance for your other onsite handling equipment. There are huge benefits to your business by having one service supplier and the range of equipment we can support is vast. For more details please contact us directly on 01335 301 036.

User Training

We are able to supply training for your operators. There are serious safety and efficiency benefits for your business by providing your existing users with refresher training and new users with the skills to get all the benefits from your MasterMover. Arrangements can be made to cover shift patterns and weekend work. For more details please contact us directly on 01335 301 036.

Genuine MasterMover Parts

Our parts are specific to your model of MasterMover and they provide superior quality. By using genuine MasterMover parts, you can be assured that your machine will be restored to the exacting standards it met when being manufactured. In addition, every genuine MasterMover part comes with a 12 month fitted parts warranty.

Each of our technicians has a complete stock of parts on their van which means in most cases we will repair your MasterMover on our first visit. Should your machine require specialist parts, these can be shipped direct from the factory to your premises overnight and fitted the next day. If we have to make a return visit to your site due to the engineer not holding the parts on the van, we will not charge a second call out fee.

Trained technicians who think ‘safety’

All of our regionally based technicians have undergone a rigorous factory based training programme in order to ensure that you get a fast and reliable maintenance and repair service for your MasterMover. They receive regular update training on the latest components, processes and design changes which equips them to optimise your MasterMover’s performance every time they visit.

We understand that safety is a critical factor within your business and that you want to be assured that contractors working on your premises observe the rules of the site and are highly ‘safety aware’. It is for these reasons that every one of our technicians undergo a thorough training programme in safe working practices. We are proud to hold the following safety accreditations: