Up to 66,000 lbs.

Powerful performance for maximum control and safety with remote control operation.

The PowerSteered range allows a single operator to move loads up to 66,000 lbs. with a single machine through a remote-controlled operation. The remote control unit enables controlled movements. By using wireless technology, the operator can step away from the load to take up the ideal viewing point, maximizing safety. 

Alongside a remote control operation, the robust design of the PowerSteered range guarantees unrivaled weight-moving performance. A secure coupling system ensures maximum connection to the load, and a compact machine footprint delivers maximum maneuverability. 

PowerSteered electric tuggers are also available with MultiLink technology, which allows multiple electric tuggers to work together under the control of a single operator, allowing the movement of loads up to 793,000 lbs.

In addition, PowerSteered machines are also available as Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV) for maximum ROI, safety and operational efficiency. 

PowerSteered Key Features

With designs that maximize control, the PowerSteered range of electric tuggers delivers maximum maneuverability and safety when moving large, heavy loads.  

Staff safety


  • Full wireless operation for maximum visibility  
  • Warning horn, flashing beacon, performance monitoring and emergency safety shut-off  
  • Speed control with optional two-speed selector switch   


  • Highly maneuverable for precise movement in tight spaces  
  • Unrivaled visibility for operators  
  • Powerful hydraulic system maximizes load security and power holding loads even on slopes  
  • MultiLink and AGV options enable future scalability
Scalable pulling power


  • High performance, maintenance-free interchangeable batteries for 24/7 operation  
  • An optional Battery Protection System maximizes longevity   
  • Compact design, yet high power output 
Secure coupling


  • Heavy-duty hydraulic coupling system ensures maximum load security and performance  
  • Self-levelling hydraulics enable secure movements even on slopes  
  • Optional smart coupling allows for MultiLink capabilities   

Explore the PowerSteered Range 

The PowerSteered range maximizes operational efficiency and helps businesses reduce reliance on traditional material handling equipment to minimize downtime.

A remote control operation guarantees the safe and controlled movement of large loads by allowing operators to take up the ideal vantage point when moving.  

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    • Load capacity 17600 lbs
    • Maximum slope 8 °
    • Max distance per charge (standard battery) 8.4 miles
    • Charge time (external charger) h
    MM-PS800+ LH-right-three-quarter

    PS800+ LH

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    • Load capacity 17600 lbs
    • Maximum slope 8 °
    • Max distance per charge (standard battery) 7.3 miles
    • Charge time (external charger) 8h


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    • Load capacity 22000 lbs
    • Maximum slope 8 °
    • Max distance per charge (standard battery) 6.9 miles
    • Charge time (external charger) h


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    • Load capacity 26400 lbs
    • Maximum slope 8 °
    • Max distance per charge (standard battery) 5.8 miles
    • Charge time (external charger) h


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    • Load capacity 33000 lbs
    • Maximum slope 8 °
    • Max distance per charge (standard battery) 4.8 miles
    • Charge time (external charger) h


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    • Load capacity 44000 lbs
    • Maximum slope 8 °
    • Max distance per charge (standard battery) 3.7 miles
    • Charge time (external charger) h


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    • Load capacity 55000 lbs
    • Maximum slope 8 °
    • Max distance per charge (standard battery) 3 miles
    • Charge time (external charger) h


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    • Load capacity 66100 lbs
    • Maximum slope 8 °
    • Max distance per charge (standard battery) 2.5 miles
    • Charge time (external charger) 6h

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    Safety & Machine Options

    The PowerSteered range comes with a wide variety of standard safety features. Additional options are available depending on your application requirements.

    Unrivaled visibility enables operators to have the ideal vantage point when moving large, cumbersome loads. 

    PowerSteered two speed selector switch

    Two speed selector switch

    Adjustable speed settings at your fingertips.

    PowerSteered safety light and beacon

    Safety light beeper

    Maximize safety when moving loads through congested areas.

    PowerSteered emergency stop button

    Emergency stop

    Allows you to immediately stop the machine.

    PowerSteered warning horn

    Warning horn

    Perfect for congested areas, alert pedestrians when moving loads.

    PowerSteered banksman controller

    Additional banksman controller

    Enabling a banksman to stop the movement if a hazard is detected

    PowerSteered CombiCoupling

    Combi coupling

    Secure coupling system that maximizes performance and maneuverability when pushing and pulling.

    Custom coupling

    Custom couplings

    Need something different? We can design custom couplings to suit your application.

    PowerSteered battery protection system

    Battery protection system

    Maximize your battery service life by preventing battery damage.

    PowerSteered internal charger

    Internal onboard chargers

    Our onboard chargers provide flexible charging when you need it.

    PowerSteered external charger

    External chargers

    Guarantees fast, optimized charging for fixed locations.

    PowerSteered battery stand

    Battery stand

    Make battery changes easy with our battery stand, perfect for storage.

    PowerSteered battery cart

    Battery cart

    Easy, hassle-free battery changeovers with the flexibility of a mobile cart.

    PowerSteered remote control

    Remote control

    Excellent visibility for easy positioning, with simple controls.



    Enables a single operator to control multiple PowerSteered electric tuggers with one remote.

    Natural navigation


    Autonomous movements to remove the need for an operator and drive efficiency.


    MultiLink Technology Spotlight

    Synchronous movements for unrivaled maneuverability

    Enabling total freedom of movement and combined weight moving capabilities, MultiLink technology enables multiple PowerSteered electric tuggers to work in synchronization, under the control of one operator.

    Perfect for the precise movement of long, awkward loads like wind turbine blades or airplane wings.

    We have not regretted the investment at all. We use the device daily and intensively to improve safety and efficiency in tight spaces.

    Benefits of the PowerSteered Range

    The PowerSteered range offers a heavy-weight solution to safely move even the largest of loads...

    Weight capacity

    Loads weighing up to 66,000 lbs. and beyond

    No certification required

    No certification required

    Zero emissions

    Zero emissions


    Compact machines for tight spaces


    MultiLink technology delivers scalability

    Remote control

    Remote control operation 

    Maximum visibility

    Unrivalled operator visibility

    Secure coupling

    Easy & secure couplings

    Your Questions, Answered – FAQs

    Can the PowerSteered range push and pull?

    Yes, the PowerSteered range can push, pull and steer heavy loads weighing up to 66,000 lbs. and even up to 796,000 lbs. using MultiLink technology. 

    What is the maximum speed of the PowerSteered range?

    With the Two Speed Selector switch, the ‘Tortoise’ mode enables you to maximize control and operate the machine at a slower speed setting of .75mph. In the faster ‘Hare’ setting, the machine’s speed is 1.86mph. Machines can be set with custom speed settings where required, with a maximum programmable speed of 3.72mph.  

    How do I control PowerSteered electric tuggers?

    Operators use a responsive, lightweight remote control to operate the machine. Featuring throttle controls, and an emergency stop and horn, the remote control provides operators with total control when moving loads.

    Remote control operation enables operators to take up the ideal vantage point, maximizing safety and delivering the safe movement of large loads.  

    How far can the PowerSteered range travel on one charge?

    Battery performance varies from model to model and is influenced by load weight, battery capacity, environmental conditions and usage.

    Individual battery performance data can be found on the Technical Specification Sheets for each model. 

    How does the PowerSteered range connect?

    A range of coupling options is available across the range that maximizes performance, security and safety.

    Custom coupling solutions can also be designed for unique applications.  

    Can the PowerSteered range work on slopes?

    Yes, the PowerSteered range can work safely on slopes. When it comes to electric tuggers, it’s important to understand that for every degree of slope involved, the maximum load capacity of the machine is reduced, just as pushing a car on the level requires less force than on a slope.

    Therefore, if the weight of the load is already close to the maximum capacity of the machine, a more powerful machine may be needed to move the load on a slope. We complete a full evaluation of your application to ensure the best machine is selected for your needs.  

    What is MultiLink technology?

    The PowerSteered range is available with MultiLink technology – a unique system that allows multiple machines to work in synchronization through one remote control.

    This enables total freedom of movement, maximizing maneuverability and delivering the seamless movement of the largest of loads.

    MultiLink technology also allows multiple machines to combine their weight-moving performance, allowing scalability and the potential to move loads weighing as much as 793,000 lbs. 

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