Heavy-duty handling solutions for offshore and onshore

Petrochemical plants handle heavy loads in some of the most challenging and extreme environments.

Hazardous environments and heavy loads mean that petrochemical plants and refineries need to rely on material handling equipment that delivers on safety – every time. 

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Large loads, tight spaces and challenging environments

Petrochemical plants and oil fields still often rely on cumbersome equipment such as overhead cranes and winches to move heavy loads. But for the movement of heavy production equipment on wheels, this can be cumbersome and inflexible.

Petrochemical plants need compact material handling solutions that deliver the controlled movement of loads in tight spaces to maximize safety – even in the toughest of environments.

MasterTug MT5-400 Stainless Steel ATEX electric tugger

Compact, robust electric tuggers for petrochemical plants

With compact machine designs and robust constructions, electric tuggers are ideal solutions for meeting the challenges of the petrochemical industry.

Delivering the controlled movement of heavy loads in tight spaces and around corners, a single operator can safely move loads of 66,000 lbs. and beyond.

Whether working on chequer plating, grating or rough, wet surfaces, electric tuggers provide consistent performance and traction, guaranteeing the seamless movement of equipment.

Benefits for petrochemical plants

Used to deliver the safe, controlled movement of loads in the petrochemical and oil and gas industry, electric tuggers maximize safety in hazardous environments.

  • Custom tugger solutions

    Built to perform for you

    When moving large, high-value loads in challenging environments, you need solutions that are built to perform.

    With robust, industrial designs, electric tuggers can safely move loads of 66,000 lbs. and beyond.  

  • Maneuverability

    Maximum maneuverability

    Compact machines deliver unrivaled maneuverability, enabling the safe movement of loads in tight spaces and round corners.

  • Staff safety - icon

    Safe, controlled movement of wheeled loads

    Purpose designed for moving wheeled loads, electric tugs securely connect to equipment, maximising control.

Our range of petrochemical moving electric tuggers

Trusted by global petrochemical plants and oil fields

Electric tuggers are trusted by global petrochemical giants to deliver the safe, controlled movement of heavy loads in the most challenging environments.

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MasterMover is easy to work with and all products performed as advertised. Moved our heavy products with ease!

Your Questions, Answered - FAQs

Can electric tow tugs work on steel grating and chequer plate flooring?

Yes, our electric tow tugs can work on common types of flooring, such as steel grating and chequer plates.

Our MasterTow range of industrial electric tow tugs is built with the durability needed to work on rough flooring like steel grating.

Can electric tuggers be used offshore?

Yes, our electric tuggers can be used offshore. All of our mild steel and stainless steel solutions can be converted to ATEX standards for use on oil fields.

Custom solutions with higher ingress protection (IP) ratings and marine-grade paint and coatings are available.

How do electric tuggers and electric tows connect?   

A range of coupling options is available across the range that maximize performance, security and safety.

Custom coupling solutions can also be designed for unique applications.   

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