Food & Beverage

Factory managers are constantly seeking new ways to make their operations more efficient and safer.

Food and beverage manufacturers choose electric tuggers to manage production flow and eliminate manual handling – maximizing efficiency and reducing the risk of injuries.

Sectors we work in 

With labor shortages across the industry, manufacturers trust electric tuggers to maximize productivity and improve workplace safety.

Food Manufacturing

Eliminating manual handling in food manufacturing 

With heavy production equipment such as hoppers, vats, racks and carts typically moved manually, food manufacturers are under pressure to eliminate manual handling and reduce the risk of injury. Electric tuggers empower a single operator to effortlessly move heavy-wheeled loads, removing the strain on operators and maximizing workplace safety. 

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SmartMover SM100+ moving food processing vats


Beverage Processing

Boost labor productivity and production efficiency 

Removing manual handling in the movement of roll cages and beverage carts, electric tuggers enable processing and bottling facilities to boost labor productivity and efficiency. Compact, easy-to-use machines empower a single operator to confidently move heavy loads.

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SmartMover SM100+ moving dairy products in a roll cage


Meat Processing

Reducing aches and strains in meat processing

Electric tuggers are used within the meat processing industry to eliminate manual handling in the movement of carcasses and processed meat. By facilitating the effortless movement of heavy loads, electric tugs enable abattoirs and packing facilities to reduce staff injuries and musculoskeletal disorders. 

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SmartMover SM100+ moving a roll cage with processed meat


The benefits for the food and beverage industry

Leading food and beverage manufacturers trust MasterMover electric tow tugs to lighten the load on production staff and eliminate manual handling. 

  • Employee safety

    Keep employees safe

    Eliminating manual handling, electric tuggers allow food manufacturers to improve safety - reducing the risk of injuries and staff absence.

  • Operate in tight spaces

    Controlled movement of loads in tight areas

    Compact machines deliver the easy, controlled movement of loads such as hoppers, bins and equipment – even in tight areas.

  • Improve productivity

    Boost labor productivity and production

    Removing time-consuming manual handling tasks involving multiple operators, electric tuggers boost productivity, enabling you to increase production output.

Trusted by the biggest brands 

Global food manufacturers trust MasterMover electric tow tugs to supercharge workplace safety and boost labor productivity.

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