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With MasterConnect, our telematics system, benefit from deep analytics on the usage and performance of your electric tugger to help maximize product utilization and uptime.   

AGV300 TOW in a factory setting

Real insights at your fingertips

With MasterConnect, benefit from real-world data on the performance, usage and location of your electric tugger to maximize product utilization and uptime.   

Maximize performance

Performance reporting & preventative maintenance

Reduce your cost of ownership and maximize product life with powerful diagnostics .

Performance reporting enables us to utilize robust data to craft personalized, proactive maintenance programs to reduce your service costs.

Basing servicing schedules and programs on real-world usage data helps reduce your total cost of ownership and maximize your return on investment.

Usage tracking

Usage access control & location tracking

Lockdown permissions to avoid misuse.

Alongside in-depth performance data, MasterConnect provides data on operator usage, allowing you to assess who is using the equipment, if it is being used correctly and where it is through location tracking.

Permissions control allows you to lock down usage to selected members of staff. 

Utilization reporting

Utilization reporting

Drive return on investment and maximize usage .

The ability to access accurate data on the usage of your electric tuggers delivers obvious benefits.

With utilization reporting, you can access data, such as on idle and moving time, to understand usage rates within your operation. 

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Interested in optimizing your maintenance and increasing ROI?

Decisions about the performance and maintenance of material handling equipment can often be based on assumptions, which can leave businesses overpaying for unnecessary repairs or servicing. 

With MasterConnect technology, take the guesswork out of your maintenance and benefit from real-world diagnostics to maximize product life and reduce your maintenance costs.

Your Questions, Answered – FAQs 

How does MasterConnect work?

Utilizing telemetry, MasterConnect provides over-the-air updates that can be used to facilitate in-depth utilization and performance reporting.

The MasterConnect telematics system utilizes SIM connectivity as standard, with Wifi connectivity options also available.   

How does MasterConnect reduce maintenance costs?

By basing servicing schedules and maintenance work on real-world data on the usage and performance of your machine you benefit from personalized preventative maintenance – helping to identify potential issues before they occur. In doing so, this maximizes uptime and reduces overall maintenance costs.  

Can I lock down usage permissions to certain operators?

Yes, MasterConnect allows you to set user permissions on your electric tuggers.

This enables you to reduce misuse by ensuring only competent operators are able to use the machines.  

Does MasterConnect feature location tracking?

Yes, MasterConnect provides location tracking, meaning you can always keep track of your electric tuggers.

This is particularly valuable for businesses with multiple buildings and allows you to pinpoint the location of your electric tugger on-site.   

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