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Safety and Efficiency Gains for Spanish Cereal Makers

Safety and Efficiency Gains for Spanish Cereal Makers

A multinational food company needed a more efficient and safer way to move hoppers at its production facility in Spain. The factory, which makes cereals, uses the hoppers to transport ingredients around the site.

Weighing up to 800 kg, the hoppers are on all-swivelling castors and stand at more than four metres tall.

Where this equipment would have been previously moved by hand, today a MH400+ is making light work of transporting the load.

The machine securely attaches to the hopper, while an operator effortlessly guides it into position. There is no danger of uncontrolled sideways movement and employees are able to see all the way around the load – therefore reducing the potential for bumps, spillages and accidents.

The MH400+ is one example of how a MasterMover electric tug solution is making all the difference for food and beverage customers looking for quick, easy and safe movement of ingredients, equipment and finished products.

In addition to hoppers, MasterMover electric tugs are used to move:

• Ovens
• Tanks
• Cooling racks
• Dough dividers
• Depositors
• Bins
• Mixing bowls
• Roll cages
• Vats

There is also an extensive range of stainless-steel machines available – ideal for manufacturers who want a strong and robust load moving solution alongside cleanliness, hygiene and corrosion resistance.

If you would like to find out how MasterMover electric tug solutions can support your food and drink business, email or get in touch.

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