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Safe delivery for defense industry supply project

Safe delivery for defense industry supply project

MasterMover is helping to put safety first in the navigation of loads around the tightest of spaces under a project for a supplier to the American defense industry.

The MasterMover MT400+ electric tugger has been supplied for a contract to build power supply units.

Hugh Freer of MasterMover Inc, based in Charlotte, North Carolina, oversaw the introduction of the machine onto the site, where it is being used to move supplies in and out of a test cell, in a confined space.

The MasterMover MT400+ is operating with ease within a space just over 5ft x 2.5 ft in size, handling a load of over 5,940lb safely and efficiently.

Previously the load was moved manually by up to four people.

The customer is delighted with their MasterMover MT400+, so much so that they are now looking to introduce a MT600+ for their sister plant, also in the US. They said: “We are impressed with the machine – it’s worth every cent.

“We’re a big company and there’s a need for it. We’re bound to need more and would come straight to MasterMover for help.”

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