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How Oil And Gas Companies Are Saving Time And Money With Alternative Load Moving Methods

How Oil And Gas Companies Are Saving Time And Money With Alternative Load Moving Methods

MasterMover has a long history of designing and manufacturing electric tugs that remove the effort and danger from moving wheeled loads. Load moving solutions that are flexible, agile and easily adaptable are why manufacturers around the globe choose our machines to reduce non-value-added time while also improving safety and efficiency.

Heavy load moving solutions for oil and gas production

For oil and gas companies in both onshore and offshore facilities faced with the problem of transporting heavy and awkward loads – and when moving weights of up to 30,000 kg and counting – making efficiencies can seem impossible to achieve.

Forklifts are used to move smaller weights, but this is simply not practical when moving anything larger. Here, overhead cranes are brought in to lift and move heavy items above and away from the floor below.

Still, when there is a need for frequent movement, production can slow down. Waiting to clear the floor and for a trained forklift or crane operator to become available can lead to costly delays and wasted time.

Ideal for shut-downs and maintenance

Oil and gas facilities that want to explore the implementation of more efficient techniques look for maximum flexibility, not equipment that is limited to a single location.

In plants where equipment needs to be cleaned or sent for maintenance during shut-down periods, a solution which allows pumps and valves to be moved easily and quickly, is ideal.

Electric tugs that easily attach to wheeled loads for quick, efficient movement in and out of workshops mean that shut-down periods run smoothly and with as little interruption as possible.

Heavy loads of up to 30,000 kg and beyond are no problem with a MasterMover electric tug. Our machines can handle up to 360, 000 kg, while our Special Projects’ division can design and create custom moving solutions for more complex moving problems.

Oil and gas supply chain solutions

In the manufacture of parts such as wellheads, subsea valves and pipes, the need for flexible load moving solutions is also apparent. An electric tug, for example, is ideal for wheeling large-scale components in and out of pressure vessels, ensuring the testing process is conducted safely and seamlessly.

For oil and gas manufacturers who want to save time and money, alternative methods of moving can transform maintenance operations and production processes. MasterMover electric tugs offer several benefits including:

• A small footprint compared to other equipment

• Easy and efficient pedestrian operation, offering complete all-round visibility

• ATEX compliant options for use in potentially explosive atmospheres

• Complete flexibility and manoeuvrability – offering greater potential for improved efficiency and productivity

• Use in both onshore and offshore environments

• Solutions for production facilities and the oil and gas supply chain

• Moving capabilities from 50 kg right up to 360,000 kg

Our material handling solutions for the oil and gas industry to move subsea trees, ROVs, pumps and pipes, valves and cables. To find out more and make an enquiry, email or complete our contact form.

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