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MasterMover solution for satellite testing program

MasterMover solution for satellite testing program

A MasterMover electric tugger is helping to ensure special purpose machines for outer space are being safely transported between testing sites.

The European company manufactures high technology goods in the field of satellites.

Its work involves manufacturing the goods and then testing them at other sites.

To move the goods safely and efficiently, a MasterMover MT2000+ is used to move them in and out of travelling containers.

Markus Schubert, Director of MasterMover GmbH, said: “The MasterMover Tugger is a powerful machine but very small and lightweight. This makes it suitable for transporting to several sites across Europe.

“The machine fulfils the client’s safety rules, it is easy to use and the operator doesn’t require a license.”

A powerhouse in the MasterMover range, the MT2000+ is designed to allow a single pedestrian operator to easily push, pull and steer wheeled loads weighing up to a maximum of 44,000 lbs.

It is fitted with a wealth of safety features including guards to prevent foot trap risks, as well as an automatic braking system.

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