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Trailer Manufacturer Increases Output With Second Production Line

Trailer Manufacturer Increases Output With Second Production Line

Demand for the transport of goods is expected to increase over the next few years according to a recent report from the European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association (ACEA). It is against this backdrop of healthy growth in the commercial vehicles sector that a German lorry manufacturer wanted an improved way to move trailers through production and increase output.

The firm, which is a subsidiary of one of Europe’s leading trailer manufacturers, uses its facility in North West Germany to apply vinyl wrapping to lorry trailer frames.

Previously, a chain and pulley system was employed to move the trailers. However, managers were looking for a solution that would be more flexible and allow the opening of an additional production line if possible. Extending the chain system would have proved too expensive and inflexible.

Instead, the company chose a total of 17 MasterMover TMS1100+ electric tugs.

Now, a single pedestrian operator can safely move up to 20,000 kg at a time, thanks to the principle of leveraged weight transfer. This allows the machine to take the strain while the operator is still able to maintain complete control over heavy and awkward loads.

Markus Schubert, head of MasterMover GmbH, said: “There was a need to make sure the production line is much more flexible so that the manufacturer can continue to meet demand now and in the future.

“Managers wanted to increase production but would have been limited with the old method of moving the trailers using a chain system.

“Without MasterMover, a second production line would not have been possible. The feedback has been great – the customer trusts our solution completely.”

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