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Bespoke MasterMover solution transports high value aerostructures

Bespoke MasterMover solution transports high value aerostructures

Two MasterMover electric tugs are helping Marand in Australia – a leading global supplier of precision engineered solutions – safely and efficiently maneuver high-value delicate aerostructures.

Two MasterMover MT800+’s have been specified – engineered to Marand’s bespoke requirements – to simplify and significantly reduce the time taken to handle large aerospace tools in and out of machining centers.

MasterMover’s UK engineering team worked with Marand and MasterMover sales partner Retailquip to develop a specific solution for the project.

Marand Project Engineer, Nicholas Webster, said: “Working with MasterMover’s engineers in the UK was fantastic and I believe we have a perfect outcome because of our collaboration.

“The difficulty was that we were looking for a non-standard build; we needed to incorporate a complicated electrical interface between the MasterMover machine and our own internally designed trolley which the MasterMover would be steering and driving.

“After working directly with MasterMover engineers in the UK for several weeks we could develop a solution that both parties were happy with, that met both of our requirements.

“The ease in which it was to work with both MasterMover and Retailquip was a real breath of fresh air. Even on highly technical matters it was a breeze and responses were always very prompt.”

Both the MT800+’s give the operators the precision movement that Marand need – through push, pull and steer maneuvers – to ensure safe movement, as well as reducing the time spent on the transportation routine, with only one operator needed to move up to 18,000 lbs.

Top flight service has also been assured in the installation process, with the Retailquip team overseeing the delivery to site, commissioning and the training of Marand staff in the use of the units.

They also spent significant time testing the system, using the two MasterMover MT800+’s in conjunction with Marand’s trolleys.

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