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MasterTug Range: Electric tugs to move up to 20,000kg

MasterTug Range: Electric tugs to move up to 20,000kg

The MasterTug range has been at the core of MasterMover since our launch as a business. As one of our oldest ranges, the MasterTug is used worldwide by some of the leading names in manufacturing. It utilises the innovative weight transfer system we’re so well-known for in order to allow a compact machine to move loads far heavier and larger than the electric tug itself.

The MasterTug is equally effective at pulling or pushing loads, with simple controls, lightweight steering and exceptional manoeuvrability making life easy for operators. The range is designed to move large or heavy wheeled loads of up to 20,000kg and can push, pull and steer loads through 180 degrees both inside and outside, and on slopes.

Introducing the Brand New MasterTug Updates

We are now pleased to announce the latest updates to the MasterTug range. The updates – which cover the MT800+, MT1000+, MT1200+ and MT1500+ – include a number of enhancements offering customers additional features and a streamlined design:

  • The longer hydraulic mast increases the stroke length, which delivers more operational flexibility over gradients and variable floor conditions. This also allows for greater coupling heights.
  • The battery now features a door and a slide-out feature, so operators will no longer need a crane lift to remove and charge the battery.
  • The chassis has been resigned to make servicing easier.

The new updates will help this already-popular range stay a firm favourite with customers.

MasterTug Range Overview


Along with the standard safety features including a flashing beacon, audible horn, emergency stop button, anti-crush button and machine rollback, there is also a new slide-out battery feature which will make exchanging the battery far easier.


The MasterTug range features maintenance-free, interchangeable batteries and powerful hydraulics to ensure a smooth connection to the load.

The machines are also capable of operating on slopes of up to 10 degrees due to the improved hydraulic mast with increased stroke length.


The FEA certified steel box chassis design and IP44 protection ensures a robust outer shell that’s easy to service. Tyres are non-marking and puncture-proof.


The adaptable AC motor optimises speed and control, allowing operators to control the machine at slow and fast speeds and at different acceleration rates. The Battery Protection System also ensures the battery is recharged properly, minimising battery damage and elongating the battery’s life.


The newly designed mast now caters for more coupling attachment heights. The MasterTug has CombiCoupling, BoxCoupling and bespoke Coupling solutions available.

Interested to hear more? Get in touch or download the range brochure, and find your ideal load moving solution today.

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