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Electric Tugger Moves Wind Turbine Blades During Manufacturing

Electric Tugger Moves Wind Turbine Blades During Manufacturing

Moving wind turbine blades during manufacturing can be a difficult task. In industrial applications, they can reach up to 650’ in length (in fact the world’s largest is 351’ long), and weigh many tons.

Their size and weight present challenges when moving wind turbine blades during the manufacturing process. However, that is where MasterMover electric tuggers come in…

Electric Tuggers & MultiLink Technology

Our electric tuggers have the capacity and power to handle the weight of wind turbine blades, making it possible to move them safely and efficiently during manufacturing.

For example, our remote-controlled PS3000+ electric tugger can handle up to 33 tons. But our MultiLink technology allows multiple tugger machines to be synced together and controlled by a single operator. This means an electric tug solution can handle over 110 tons, delivering safe and efficient movement even at extreme sizes and weights.

This technology is especially useful when handling a load such as a wind turbine blade, which is clearly long in terms of size profile. MultiLink allows electric tuggers to be positioned at each end of the wind turbine blade, or at suitable points depending on the manufacturing platform.

Controlled Movement in Any Direction

A further benefit that MultiLink Technology offers relates to the direction of travel.

With a single electric tugger, a load is moved like that of a truck and trailer. The load is moved forwards and backwards and turns as per the requirement, but the single drive point determines the direction of travel.

However, with multiple electric tuggers working in sync, operators have total freedom of movement, allowing the wind turbine blade to additionally be moved sideways, rotated, or navigated around a defined point. Very helpful when moving such a large profile load – especially one as valuable as a wind turbine blade – as the ability to carry out difficult maneuvers is made far easier.

Due to our SmartCoupling capabilities, each electric tugger knows where it is connected to the load. It can therefore apply the relevant ‘steer maths’ to ensure the set of tuggers work in unison, moving together and applying the relevant levels of force depending on the direction of travel.


Flexibility to Handle a Range of Jobs

An additional benefit of using electric tuggers when moving wind turbine blades is that, while MultiLink technology allows multiple tuggers to be used together, the electric tuggers themselves can be also used independently at other times.

Need to move a load of 22 tons? That’s not a problem…simply use a single electric tugger independently for this task.

This adds value to the operation by delivering a material handling solution that can carry out a wide range of jobs, driving return on investment as the electric tuggers are used more often, for more tasks.

Safety in Focus

As with all MasterMover electric tugger solutions, safety is always our focus. Our applications moving wind turbine blades is no different.

The Remote-Control unit features emergency stop functionality, which is also present on each electric tugger itself. Furthermore, a separate emergency stop controller can be used, where an independent ‘banksman’ can take up a different vantage point and cut power to all units at the touch of a button.

The use of Remote Control for movement is also a safety feature in itself, with the operator able to take up the ideal viewing position to identify obstacles and threats.

In addition to a variety of other safety features such as warning lights, electric tuggers moving such weights utilize hydraulic coupling systems. This ensures that the connection to the load is secure, and load safety is maximized.

Summary of Key Points:

  • MasterMover electric tuggers have the power and capability to move loads of 110 tons plus.
  • MultiLink enables multiple electric tuggers to synchronize and work together.
  • Using multiple electric tuggers together offers total freedom of movement offering safety for operators, the blades, and the surrounding environment.
  • Emergency stop functionality delivers an additional layer of protection, and is available on the electric tuggers, on the Remote-Control unit, and additional via an independent ‘banksman’.
  • Electric tuggers can be used independently to fulfil a variety of other material handling requirements.
  • The PowerSteered range is Remote Controlled, allowing the operator to take up the ideal vantage point.

If you’re looking for a safe and efficient way to move wind turbine blades during manufacturing, as well as smaller materials associated with the operation, look no further than MasterMover electric tuggers.

What are some of the challenges you face when moving wind turbine blades during manufacturing? Let us know.

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