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Exports Are Up Down Under Thanks To Retailquip Expertise

Exports Are Up Down Under Thanks To Retailquip Expertise

The global benefits of MasterMover® electric tug solutions have been underlined by the business’ export growth in Australia since joining forces with Retailquip to offer a customer-focussed, localised service in the country.

The Brisbane-based company, a specialist in logistics solutions for the retail sector, brought MasterMover® technology into Australia to support the growing use of roll cages for handling goods. In turn, the diversity of the MasterMover® product portfolio has helped Retailquip to grow in a variety of markets including mining equipment and modular buildings.

Retailquip was introduced to MasterMover® by one of its major retail customers, who had discovered the UK manufacturer when seeking a manual handling aid to enhance the moving of roll cages. While the first reaction of Retailquip managing director Tom Hart-Davies was that people should “roll their sleeves up and push the bloody thing,” he changed his mind after seeing MasterMover® technology in action.

MasterMover® tugs operate on the principle of weight transfer, in order to enable heavy loads to be moved safely and effectively by a single pedestrian operator. As Tom acknowledges, “MasterMover® has such a firm grasp of physics and engineering that it can make this concept work brilliantly, with a real pay-off for the speed, efficiency and control of load handling.”

With roll cages an integral part of Retailquip’s business, the company immediately saw a synergy in being able to offer a combined solution to retail customers. Yet, following regular visits by MasterMover® to Australia, it became obvious that the versatility of pedestrian electric tugs enabled diversification into new markets.

“Many Australian industries are crying out for simple, cost-effective ‘lean manufacturing’ solutions,” explains Andy Owen, Managing Director of MasterMover®. “Our tugs are ideal for moving large or heavy components, and we have supported Retailquip in bringing the technology into manufacturing industries, such as mining equipment and modular buildings, with great success.”

Since Retailquip began working in earnest with MasterMover® in 2009, sales of pedestrian electric tugs have grown significantly.

“MasterMover® has gone from being a peripheral part of the business to become an essential aspect of our strategy,” confirms Tom.

Retailquip singles out MasterMover®’s desire to innovate as a key factor in winning new business. “Throw a problem at a lot of companies and they baulk at the challenge, whereas MasterMover® will always use their brains to solve it.”

Tom attributes that ‘extra mile’ to the personality and ethos behind the MasterMover® brand. As he puts it, “a lot of people can make a car, but only Ferrari can make a Ferrari.”

In return, MasterMover® believes that the company’s Australian growth is due to having a strong dealer like Retailquip to provide localised service and support. “It is vital to have on board a dealer who understands the nuances of the local market, and Retailquip has 12 years’ experience in Australia and New Zealand,” explains Andy Owen, Managing Director of MasterMover®.

“Crucially, we are like-minded companies, and Retailquip brings the same customer focus and exceptional service that we pride ourselves on at MasterMover®,” he adds.

The strength of the relationship was underlined when a key member of MasterMover®’s service team made the journey down under to become Retailquip’s National Service Manager.

At the same time, Retailquip has introduced MasterMover® to other manufacturers for whom it acts as an Australian dealer, helping to forge new relationships and synergies across the world.

“I’m indebted to Tom and his team at Retailquip for helping to promote the MasterMover® name across Australia, and also to fellow machinery innovators who we now hope to work with on future projects,” concludes Andy Owen.

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