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Electric Tugger Sales Growth Fuelled By Worldwide Expansion

Electric Tugger Sales Growth Fuelled By Worldwide Expansion

MasterMover®, the world’s leading manufacturer of electric tug solutions, has announced that 2012 has been its most successful year to date. Its 2012 turnover of £6.1 million was an increase of over 45% on the 2011 total of £4.1 million.

The company attributes its success to the culmination of a strategic plan begun five years ago, when incoming Managing Director Andy Owen decided to place a greater focus on exporting its range of pedestrian electric tugs, all manufactured at its Ashbourne, Derbyshire factory.

“We knew that MasterMover® had created something innovative and user-friendly for the UK market. When research indicated that other countries lacked a comparable solution, I had a feeling that the technology would travel,” explains Andy Owen.

“This strategy has reached maturity in the past year, thanks to our extensive process of creating a global distribution network. Throughout, we have worked hard to find the right people in each territory who can deliver a high standard of localised service in order to deliver MasterMover’s® benefits to customers,” he adds.

Pedestrian electric tugs provide an efficient means of moving heavy loads with relatively small and easy to use machines. All of MasterMover’s® products use their innovation of weight transfer, generating traction from the weight of the load itself. MasterMover’s® philosophy is based on thorough evaluation of every customer’s working environment, in order to provide the optimum solution for each specific need.

MasterMover® now exports to both developed and developing countries, with 2012 particularly strong in Brazil, Australia and South Africa. The company is now working to build up its profile in Asian markets. At the same time, the UK has remained a priority for MasterMover®; the company’s industrial products are a common sight in assembly plants, while the SmartMover range provides safe and efficient moving of roll cages within the healthcare sector and retail environments.

MasterMover® has been particularly successful in helping manufacturers to meet their continuous improvement objectives by improving the efficiency and safety of their production facilities. Pedestrian electric tugs provide the ideal mechanism for moving production lines and heavy parts around the factory without the expense or inconvenience of cranes or fork lift trucks.

MasterMover’s® success is well beyond the projections made five years ago, laying the groundwork for the company’s ambitious plans for future growth. Several new product launches are planned for 2013, while Andy Owen anticipates adding further distributors to service important overseas markets.

“2012 was a benchmark year, but we aren’t content to rest on our laurels; success will spur MasterMover® into achieving further growth in 2013 and beyond,” Andy Owen concludes.

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