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Electric Tug for moving goods in tight factory spaces

Beuttenmüller GmbH purchased an MT 1500+ electric tug with a trolley. The company designs and manufactures machinery moulds and tools for the car industry and has over 75 years’ experience, having been founded in 1937.


Beuttenmüller was lacking space to move goods around their factory and they had the particular difficulty of turning with large loads. They also had an issue moving goods around outside over bumps. Machine moulds made of aluminium and tools also needed to be moved through the factory easily and safely.


An MT1500+ electric tug was recommended and this alleviated all the issues. This electric tug enabled the company to move items more efficiently and turn easily when operating in tight spaces. Supplied as a turnkey solution, it fitted seamlessly into current processes, boosting efficiency. A specially designed coupling solved their problem of moving the goods outside on a bumpy surface. The machine is used daily and the company is happy with what the product has to offer. “We have not regretted the investment. We use the device daily and intensively” said Jens Beuttenmüller (Managing Director).


1. Beuttenmüller found the optimal machine for them to effectively move machine moulds and tool parts in limited space.

2. Turning loads easily in tight spaces

3. Additionally, the low weight of the machine was an added benefit, making it easy to use.

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