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MasterMover Load Moving Equipment Provides Efficiency Boost At Nissan

Published : 08/01/2010

By investing in a bespoke drive system from MasterMover, Nissan Motor Manufacturing UK now has a more reliable, flexible handling system for moving press dies from production to maintenance bays. As you’d expect, the press shop at Nissan Motor Manufacturing UK (NMUK) in Sunderland is a highly automated plant. In...

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MasterMover Machines To Move Heavy Objects Used For Seating At Kelvin Hall Arena

Published : 04/01/2010

By investing in two pedestrian-operated tugs for moving blocks of seats around its premises, Kelvin Hall International Sports Arena expects to see payback in just 18 months. Based in Glasgow, the Kelvin Hall International Sports Arena stages international and world-class events throughout the year. The venue...

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Electric Operated Tug Helps Refrigeration Equipment Supplier To Cut Handling Time

Published : 03/09/2009

By investing in a compact, electric-operated pedestrian tug to transfer trolleys of metal parts from manufacturing to assembly, refrigeration equipment supplier George Barker & Co. Ltd has cut materials handling time by 75 per cent and expects payback in eight months. “A recent Work Study has demonstrated...

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Sodexo Improves Safety With Introduction Of Moving And Handling Equipment

Published : 17/07/2009

By investing in a range of MasterMover electric-operated pedestrian tugs, facilities management company Sodexo has now improved handling efficiencies across two NHS sites. “Since investing in electric-operated tugs from MasterMover, the environment that we work in has become safer and tidier,” says Mark...

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MasterMover See Impressive Growth In Sales Of Electric Operated Tugs

Published : 15/07/2009

A UK manufacturer of pedestrian, electric-operated tugs for materials handling applications has seen an impressive 12 per cent growth in sales revenues in 2008, bucking the current trend in the UK and global markets. Andy Owen, Managing Director at MasterMover Ltd based in Ashbourne, says the company should see a...

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Pedestrian Tugs Eliminate Roll Cage Accidents At Somerfield Stores

Published : 02/07/2009

In order to safely transfer roll cages from delivery vehicles to its stores, Somerfield Stores Ltd has invested in more than 50 SmartMover manual and power-operated tugs. As a result, roll cage-related accidents have been reduced to zero and a single employee can now unload a delivery wagon rather than two. “In...

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Nottingham University Hospitals Move Supplies Using New Trolley Tugs

Published : 21/05/2009

Compact, electric-operated tugs are providing benefits to hospitals, enabling staff to manoeuvre roll cages quickly and safely through the premises, improving productivity and reducing accidents. “The health and safety of staff and visitors within the hospital premises has definitely improved after investing in...

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Electric Tow Tractor Helps Bentley To Improve Its Environmental Rating

Published : 26/03/2009

By investing in an electric-powered, pedestrian-operated tug, Bentley Motors has reduced deliveries of leather to its Crewe plant by 50 per cent, improving the company’s environmental rating, whilst doubling leather handling productivity. “We needed a compact machine to do a big job and, as a responsible...

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Electric Operated Tug Now Approved For Industrial Use

Published : 26/02/2009

Already popular with retailers and the healthcare sector, a compact, electric-operated pedestrian tug has now been improved for industrial use, providing safer, more flexible handling of wheeled loads and improved productivity. Building on its success in the retail and supermarket sectors, a UK-based manufacturer...

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Electric Tug Vehicles Proven To Reduce Injuries, Boost Productivity And Save Space

Published : 26/02/2009

By investing in appropriate materials handling equipment, industrial companies can cut costs, boost productivity, reduce workplace injuries and save valuable storage and production space, says Andy Owen, Managing Director at MasterMover Ltd. In the current economic climate, any way in which a manufacturing...

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