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Move Heavy Items With The Master Cage Puller

Move Heavy Items With The Master Cage Puller

Safe Manual Handling with MasterMover

With over 12,000 injuries in the Health sector each year there is now a revolutionary way you can prevent your workers from being injured through manual handling.

It’s not just the cost of the injury claim that effects your operations. Employee absenteeism, recruitment costs and the time spent finding a

replacement worker can be prevented with this low cost measure.

The MasterCagePuller from MasterMover is priced at just £170+vat and will help prevent injuries commonly associated with roll cage movement such as back strain and trapped hands.

The MasterCagePuller couples to the base of the roll cage and allows the operator to pull or push the cage keeping contact away from the cage itself. It also enables easier movement in confined areas – a common problem in the hospital environment.

You can request a FREE trial of the MasterCagePuller simply by logging onto and click on roll cage equipment. MasterMover offer a wide range of solutions for all your materials handling needs. For this and all other enquiries contact MasterMover on 01335 347 700.

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