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MasterMover Fine Tunes Logistics To Deliver 93% Time-Saving Solution

MasterMover Fine Tunes Logistics To Deliver 93% Time-Saving Solution

A MasterMover electric tug is driving forward new efficiencies for Canada’s biggest diesel engine and replacement parts distributor.

With seven branches across Quebec and Ontario, ADF Diesel is renowned for its diesel engine expertise in both service and technology.

Handling hundreds of units across the workshop areas requires a co-ordinated approach to ensure movements are carried out safely and efficiently.

Since being introduced on site, the MasterMover MT1500+ is already making its mark – enabling the ADF Diesel team to move heavier engines more efficiently and with reduced manpower.

Previously, three people were needed to move a single engine unit, in a timeframe of around 25 minutes.

Those figures have now dropped, with just one person able to move the load – in just five minutes, representing a time-saving of 93% for the company. The electric tug is located in the area where engines are dismantled, as well as the testing station and assembly point.

Jérôme Langlois, of ADF Diesel, is delighted with the impact the MT1500+ has had on efficiency and productivity. He said: “We use the MasterTug to move engines, spare parts and heavy kitting trollies.

“It’s used for two and a half hours on each shift and enables us to move heavier engines than before, with less people involved. We are going to buy more of the machines.”

A powerhouse performer, the MT1500+ is designed to allow a single pedestrian operator to easily push, pull and steer wheeled loads weighing up to a maximum of 15,000 kg.

Features include a safe maintenance-free battery, with a display screen that shows remaining charge.

The electric tug’s steel chassis is also FEA tested to ensure there are no weaknesses – and ease of movement is assured with loads manoeuvrable through 180°.

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